Britney paid us to recreate a diabolic deathtrap for her, something she’d seen on a dark web snuff video, something called ‘The ‘Waist Chopper of Death.’ Being more than willing to help another beautiful young woman find an obscenely brutal way to snuff herself, we of course, obliged.

Six weeks later, Britney’s torturous deathtrap was ready. She arrived and changed into a breathtakingly tight black latex merry widow, with matching stockings and gloves before walking out into our recording studio. She desperately wanted to experience the thrill of standing between the Waist Chopper’s two razor-sharp steel blades knowing that at any moment, the two massive blades could snap together, brutally bisecting her at the waist.

Of course, Britney didn’t really expect to die. She’d simply wanted the hedonistic rush. We told her, when she stepped on the deathtrap’s floor-mounted activation switch, the blade’s powerful hydraulic system would pressurize, but the deadly blades would only release when she stepped off the switch. We lied.

Over the years, members of our audience still complement us about the exquisite look of eager erotic expectation on Britney’s face the moment she stepped on that switch. Our audience never knew we'd lied. The moment Britney stepped on that switch the blades snapped closed brutally cutting her in half.

Still, even though she didn’t truly intend to die, Britney’s demise has been one of our most popular downloads. A moment in time simply referred to in our video catalog as ‘latex and steel...’