It had taken Kristine months to design this special holosuite program, her own personalized holosuite torture chamber of death. Now, at long last, both the program and its intended victim were ready. Stopping before the computer panel Kristine said, "Computer, load program, entitled "Snuff Kristine"."

Within seconds the computer responded, "Program "Snuff Kristine" loaded, you may enter when ready." But Kristine hardly noticed, her eyes already transfixed by the scene revealed beyond the holosuite's opening portal.

Kristine designed her special holosuite program to control every aspect of her own slow torturous demise. The vertical rack would render her helpless even as it gradually and inevitably stretched her sexy body until the unrelenting tension caused her shoulders to dislocate and her muscles to begin to tear. And while her body was slowly being ripped apart, the rack was programmed to periodically administer brief but brutally powerful electrical shocks through the metal cuffs locked securely around Kristine's wrists and ankles.

Kristine especially looked forward to the feel of the hideous waist crusher slowly compressing her waistline like some kind of satanic corset. Unrelenting and completely without mercy, the waist crusher would continue to slowly compress her abdomen until her internal organs ruptured.

Of course, while all these gruesome obscenities where happening to her, she would be enduring the agonizing attentions of all those fiendish implements of torture arrayed on all those mechanical arms and tentacles.

Tossing her cape aside, Kristine, dressed in nothing but her high heels, walked into the holosuite generated torture chamber. The cold metallic click of that final steel cuff snapping securely closed around her ankle sent a chilling sensation of erotic foreboding coursing through Kristine's masochistic little mind.

Kristine could feel her heart racing as she began the programs final initialization sequence, "Computer, set random initiation delay, minimum delay two hours, maximum delay four hours." Her mouth suddenly dry Kristine paused to dampen her lips with her tongue before completing the program's initialization, "Computer, activate program "Snuff Kristine" and disable voice override."

The computer responded, "Program "Snuff Kristine" running, voice override is now disabled, programmed snuff sequence will commence after a randomly calculated interval, not less than two hours but no longer than four hours."

Kristine hung in silence. Looking over at the now silent computer panel she knew deep down that her program could still be stopped, all one needed to do was to walk over to that panel and press the escape key. A faint but sad smile slowly appeared on her lovely face as she thought, "Of course, locked in these restraints and with voice commands disabled, there's no possibility of me ever reaching that escape key is there."

And of course, the mortality override had been the first thing she'd disabled.