Samantha struggled in horror as she watched the highest bid steadily rising. Struggle as she might she knew the tight fitting steel restraints around her slender wrists were all but inescapable. And, with the high bid already well past a million dollars, Samantha already knew she was as good as dead. Very soon she would be dying in obscenely agonizing torment.

The cameras recorded Samantha's desperate struggles as the bidding continued to mount. Each sensuous wiggled her firm scantily-clad young body, the unrelenting look of complete and total terrified desperation on her lovely face, the way her lovely eyes kept straying back to stare at the constantly updating bidding display only seemed to quicken the bidding.

Staring at the bidding display Samantha instinctively knew the end was near, having reached over two and half million the bidding had gradually slowed until only a few bidders remained. It was only a matter of time before someone posted a bid higher then the others were willing to top, then Samantha knew she would die.

Soon the bidding would stop and her captures would award the prize to the night's highest bidder. Soon only one person would be able to watch as Samantha struggled against the inevitable. He alone would watch as the razor-sharp spikes slowly began to move. Only he would be watching Samantha as she died screaming in unimagined agony.

Watching the bidding display Samantha sensed there were only two bidders left, soon she would die screaming in agony. As she watched the bidding stopped at just over three and a half million, seconds later she heard a faint hydraulic hiss as the razor-sharp spikes began to move.