The attack came without warning. One moment everything was normal, the next an inconceivably powerful electromagnetic pulse destroyed every electronic device on the planet. As the world struggled to comprehend the devastation, far above and safely cloaked from observation, an immense alien starship silently entered orbit. And then, single minded in its programmed purpose, the starship commenced its diabolical harvest.

Across the globe, beautiful young women suddenly began to disappear. Obedient to its distant master's orders, the starship only harvested women that met the strict guidelines of its programming. Scanning the planet's surface, the starship's computers selected only those women its programming criteria deemed as beautiful and between the ages of 18 and 28. Within days, over 32 million beautiful young women disappeared from the planet below.

Robyn awoke when the ice cold fluid reached her crotch. Trapped within the narrow confines of the rapidly filling transparent cylinder Robyn watched as alien machines expertly examined the nude and unconscious body of the young woman lying on the chamber's examination table. With the cold numbing fluid already reaching the undersides of her breasts, Robyn turned to stare in horror at the sight of another woman, already floating motionless in the fluid filled cylinder next to hers.

Satisfied that it had succeeded in harvesting every acceptable woman on the planet, the alien starship departed orbit and commenced its long journey home. Then as the world believed the worst was over, the alien starship fired its deadly missiles. And while the alien missiles lacked explosive warheads they impacted the oceans of the world at over half the speed of light. Within seconds vast areas of the world's oceans vaporized with the missile impacts sending vast mile high tidal waves racing outward at the speed of sound. Those humans unlucky enough to survive the blast created by the initial impacts had only minutes before the immense tidal waves reached land.

Already beyond the orbit of the planet's single moon, the sensors aboard the alien starship scanned the devastated planet. Of the once teeming planets population, the starship could now only detect a few thousand remaining human life signs. Satisfied that its mission was now complete, the starship activated it's faster than light engines and departed the star system.

As for the remaining few humans, scattered and with they're civilization in ruins, they would quickly fall back into barbarism. Then, perhaps in another 7000 years, the harvester starship would visit earth once again.