Barbara stared at the ominously waiting machine as it stood glowing in the attic's bright overhead light. Even now she still couldn't quite believe that she'd actually paid the incredibly exorbitant fee to merely rent this erotically perilous device, the Executioner 9000, the ultimate embodiment of erotic death.

It had taken most of that afternoon for the company's representative to install the machine in the unused attic of her country estate. The rental contract specified that the rental period expired in exactly 72 hours and that I would need to use the machine within the first 6 hours after installation or it would lock and refuse to activate.

A brief one page set of instructions described the machine's activation sequence. Straddle the machine's two hydraulically actuated vibrating dildos. Align your breasts within the two vacuum powered breast stimulators and lock the restraint closed around your waist. The self-lubricating vaginal and anal dildos will automatically rise to penetrate you. Once they're fully inside you, lean forward and take the oral dildo deeply into your mouth, the machine will not activate until you've taken at least 3 full inches of the oral dildo into your mouth.

I could feel myself growing even more impossibly aroused as I'd read about the machine's operation. Once activated the breast stimulators would suck my breasts forward until their interior clamps closed to crush my nipples. Powerful vibrators within the vaginal and anal dildos would activate as the two massive shafts would begin to continuously thrust into the intimate depths of my body. The thick shaft of the oral dildo would complete its violation of my mouth, its segmented mount rotating upward to force my head back as its demanding shaft pushed past my tonsils and deep into my throat as pure oxygen flowed through its hollow shaft and into my lungs. Finally the arms of the machine would extend as they rotated upward to lift my heels from the floor.

I found the last paragraph of the machine's instructions the most erotically perilous. It seems that at least ninety percent of woman will reach orgasm within the first two minutes after activating the Executioner 9000. And nearly one hundred percent of women will find themselves reduced to a state of virtually continuous orgasm within the first thirty minutes.

Of course, the most darkly enticing part of the Executioner 9000 erotically perilous attraction is that you're ultimately fated to die within its erotically fatal embrace. It's unrelenting and inescapable pleasure comes at an ominously hedonistic price. Most woman who willingly enter it's perilous embrace seem to survive it's erotic attentions for about 40 hours, while one victim, an internationally renowned super model who'd mysteriously vanished early last year, managed to last a full 63 hours before her heart failed.

Stepping forward to press my breasts into the waiting stimulators, I locked the restraint closed around my waist. I could feel the dildos sliding into the depths of my belly as I ran my tongue across my lips one final time before taking that obscenely oversized oral dildo into my mouth. As I felt the dildos cool metal surface sliding past my lips I wondered if I could go the distance. After all, if some vain and vacuous super model endured 63 hours of continuous and unrelenting orgasm on the Executioner 9000, I bet I'll enjoy at least 64.