Deathgasm is one of the evil toymaker’s latest creations. This cruel and sinister deathtrap turns a woman’s erotic ability to experience multiple orgasms into her darkest nightmare, death by orgasm. Having read about Deathgasm on a dark web fetish chatroom, Gail instinctively knew she had to seek out the toymaker and beg to try it, even knowing it would ultimately cost her life. The thought of enduring unrelenting pleasure, only to have it slowly become agonizing pain, had long fueled some of Gail’s darkest masochistic fantasies, especially those nightmarish ones that always seemed to culminate with her torturously painful death.

A week later, I found myself in a soundproof torture chamber, tightly secured upon the toymaker’s newest deathtrap, the Deathgasm. Based upon the famous Sybian sex machines, the Deathgasm is over ten times more potent than the Sybian’s best. Its two phallic-shaped stimulators are over twice as tall and three times the Sybian’s girth. Its restraints are designed to keep the victim fully impaled upon those massive stimulators, unable to escape their erotically evil attentions.

After securing my wrists within the torture chamber’s overhead restraints, the toymaker turned to me with an oversized penis gag in his hands, “Gail, before I gag you and switch on the stimulators, I’d like to offer you a second chance to survive this brutally obscene deathtrap. You’ll still experience intense pleasure and pain, but we’ll stop the moment you lose consciousness.”

Smiling, I shook my head, “Thanks for the kind offer, but I’ve always dreamt of being tortured to death, and this is my big chance to live out that fantasy, even knowing it’ll be my last.”

The toymaker replied, pushing that penis gag deep into my mouth, “As you wish, Gail.”

The penis gag filled my mouth, its massive girth rendering me mute, as the toymaker adjusted the Deathgasm’s stimulator settings before activating them, “I’ve set the intensity to twenty percent, about the same intensity as a Sybian at maximum.”

I’ve ridden Sybian’s at maximum power before, and it usually takes me about three or four delightful minutes to reach my first orgasm. However, even set at an equivalent power setting, the Deathgasm’s oversized phallic-shaped stimulators straining the depths of my vagina and rectum magnified the intensity of the stimulation to the point where I reached my first powerful orgasm in less than a minute, and I could already feel my next orgasm rapidly approaching.

Over the coming hour, as I struggled to catch my breath, I realized I was having an orgasm about every fifty seconds. They were growing impossibly more powerful and coming back to back.

The toymaker paused in the torture chamber’s observation room, watching with amusement as Gail had several powerful orgasms before entering, “I see you’re beginning to realize just how powerful the Deathgasm’s stimulation can be.”

Smiling at the look of exhaustion in Gail’s eyes, “Well, now that you’re warmed up, it’s time for the main event. But, before we begin, one of my assistants will inject you with a strong stimulant to prevent you from passing out. We wouldn’t want you to faint and miss all the excitement.”

I felt my heartbeat race as the stimulants hit my bloodstream. After the next orgasm, I caught my breath for the first time since the toymaker switched on this diabolically stimulating deathtrap. However, my respite turned out to be fleeting at best.

Then, the toymaker activated Deathgasm’s diabolically cruel random power setting.

The toymaker smiled at the faint cry of desperation that escaped around the gag filling Gail’s mouth, “Gail, you might be interested in knowing that during our first round of testing, all of our test subjects died in less than two hours of stimulation at the one hundred percent power setting. So, rather than allowing the system to run at a constant full power setting, we changed it to a random power mode that randomly varies the power level from twenty to one hundred percent. Our latest testing confirmed that after a one-hour warm-up at twenty percent, switching to random mode allowed our test subjects to survive for another seven to eight hours before they finally expired.”

Pausing, as a brief moment at maximum stimulation caused Gail to climax in her most powerful orgasm yet, the toymaker continued, “Gail, since you’re our first volunteer test subject, it will be interesting to see just how long you manage to survive.”

Eight hours and twenty-three minutes later, Gail gave the toymaker her fatal answer. As for Gail, even though she volunteered, her corpse disappeared into the same incinerator as the other test subjects before her. The next day, it’s testing complete, Deathgasm shipped to the customer who inspired its creation, the Resort...