The introduction of Artificial Intelligence controlled robotic sex toys in the early part of the third decade of the twenty first century while revolutionizing the world of auto erotic entertainment also introduced unexpected and far darker facets of auto erotic death...

This unfortunate woman is Kristen, who having recently broken up with her latest lover and frustrated by her unfulfilling sexual life, decided to explore her long repressed submissively masochistic desires. Earlier today Kristen’s recently purchased sex bot, a Dominator-2610, arrived at her doorstep in a discretely wrapped package. AI controlled and equipped with four powerful grappling arms the Dominator-2610 also came equipped with two massive 18 inch long vibrating, electro-shock equipped dildos capable of simultaneously delivering, both vaginal and anal, pleasure and pain to its owner.

Returning from work late that afternoon, Kristen quickly opened the package and activated the Dominator-2610 while unfortunately neglecting to first read the included user’s manual. Kristen felt her heartbeat quicken as she watched the Dominator-2610 silently lifted out of its package rising upward until it hovered, its glowing optical sensor level with her eyes. Glancing down at the machine’s two massively intimidating dildos Kristen felt a growing sensation of desire down deep within her loins as she imagined what is was going to feel like to have the Dominator’s two massive shafts pounding her deeper and harder than any mere human lover.

Kristen felt the warmth of the late afternoon sun against her bare skin as she eagerly stated, “Dominator, I wish to be tightly held at my hips with my arms pulled painfully high behind my back, then forced to bend uncomfortably forward at the waist and ruthlessly double penetrated from behind. The tempo of your thrusts, the intensity of vibrators and random electro-shocks should start out low, and then gradually increase until you’re brutally pounding me. And no matter what, don’t you dare stop until I order you to.”

The Dominator’s glowing optical sensor slowly grew brighter as the machine paused to consider Kristen’s request, “Domination request granted. When ready to commence, please turn and place your hands behind your back.”

Staring in awe as lubricant slowly started too oozed from the micro pores along the intimidating length of the Dominator-2610’s twin dildos, Kristen took a deep breath and turning brought her arms together behind her back. Moments later she felt the warm touch of the Dominator’s grappling arms tightening against her hips and wrists as the machine gradually pulled her arms back and up forcing her to helplessly bend forward. A passionate cry of pure erotic delight escaping Kristen’s lips as the Dominator roughly pull her hips backward, brutally impaling her on both of its massive vibrating dildos as she felt her first orgasm of the evening already starting.

It was gradually getting harder for Kristen to catch her breath between orgasms, her next orgasm quickly nearing even as the last barely started to subside. Too exhausted to stand, the only thing keeping Kristen’s sweat drenched body from collapsing to the floor was the unyielding grip of the Dominator’s four powerful grappling arms. Blinking in surprise Kristen suddenly realized she’d also lost track of the time as she noticed the room had grown dark, the only illumination, the light of the full moon shining in the windows.

Struggling to catch her breath, Kristen stated, “Dominator stop, end session.”

The machine continued to brutally fuck her, pounding both of its powerfully vibrating dildo’s deep into her as it stated, “Command syntax invalid. All commands must be preceded either by the user’s specified safe-word or this unit’s factory default safe-word.”

Kristen had a brief moment of horrifying realization, that she really should have read the user guide, before her next powerful orgasm overwhelmed her senses...

...Three days later, responding to a missing person’s report filed by Kristen’s employer, two female police officers arrived at Kristen’s home. Noting her car still parked in the drive they knocked and when she failed to respond, contacted her alarm company to have them remotely unlock the door. Upon entering they could hear a faint rhythmic sound coming from upstairs where they discovered Kristen’s Dominator-2610 still brutally fucking her lifeless corpse.

Realizing what had likely occurred days earlier, one of the officers shook her head and stated, “Dominator, factory safe-word ‘Rosebud’, end session and return to standby mode.”

Moments later, accepting it factory default safe-word, the machine withdrew its two massive dildos and released its powerful hold on Kristen’s lifeless corpse allowing it to drop to the floor as the machine returned to its shipping case and powered off. One of the two watching police officer’s switching on her tablet, pulled up the all too familiar “Death by Orgasm” fatality report page as she thought, “With all the sensational ‘Death by Orgasm’ reports in the news lately, you’d think some of these women would start reading the fucking user's manual.”