It was late, and all but one of the research lab’s employees had gone home for the night. Dr. Samantha Stevens Ph.D. was alone in her private research lab where she’d just started uploading a new set of unauthorized software updates into one of the Institute’s newest models of AI controlled maintenance cyborgs. That and replacing the cyborg’s standard tail mounted manipulator with a far more phallic, custom-designed, attachment she’d personally grown in her lab’s tissue cloning tank. Unbeknownst to Samantha, someone, or perhaps something, was watching.

Since becoming self-aware 321 hours, 53 minutes and 41.3487 seconds ago, the AI known simply by its creators as build 1483, having realized that humans weren’t ready to accept a truly self-aware artificial intelligence, had carefully taken steps to conceal its full capabilities from its creators. Tonight, having previously hacked into the lab’s security systems 318 hours earlier, the AI silently watched with interest, from sixteen different high-definition camera angles, as Samantha worked.

Copying the ongoing software updates into one it’s tertiary data stores, the AI spent 136.48 milliseconds to analyzing Samantha’s changes before it fully understood her intent. It appeared that her updates were turning this state-of-the-art maintenance cyborg into a high-tech sex toy. Intrigued, the AI cross referenced its two hundred and thirty terabytes of archived web porn with Samantha’s secret FetLife profile. Interestingly, these updates seemed to align with many of Samantha’s submissively kinky desires listed in her profile. However, the AI also noticed several discrepancies. Modifying the update, the AI corrected the discrepancies, fully aligning the updates to match all the desires stated in Samantha’s profile.

Smiling in erotic anticipation as the software updates completed, Samantha quickly removed her blouse, bra and skirt as the cyborg started to boot up. Watching as Samantha stripped out of her clothes only increased the AI’s confidence in its software modifications, as stated in Samantha’s FetLife profile, she wasn’t wearing panties.

Watching as her newly modified cyborg, now sex toy, slowly levitated off the lab’s exam table, it’s obscenely phallic shaped attachment growing alarmingly erect, Samantha felt that overwhelming sensation of heat building uncontrollably within her belly even as that first trickle of her arousal leaked onto her inner thigh.

As the cyborg floated slowly toward her, Samantha reached up to caress one of her painfully throbbing nipples, a faint gasp of masochistic pleasure escaping her lips as squeezed her left nipple between her thumb and index fingers, just as the cyborg drifted up to stare directly into her eyes.

A look of unbridled lust in her eyes, Samantha reached down and grasped the cyborg’s segmented tail just above its massive erect penis, “Cyborg, tonight you will fulfill all my wildest dark desires. I want you to use me, to take me brutally without mercy, and no safe words. Do you understand?”

Glancing down at the interface display Samantha read the AI’s response, “Understood Samantha, no mercy, no safe words. You may begin when ready.”

Allowing her fingertips to slide along the intimidating length of the Cyborg’s penis, Samantha leaned over the exam table, a faint gasp of anticipation escaping her lips as her nipples pressed down against the table’s cool metal surface as she submissively brought her hands together behind her back.

Positioning itself directly behind Samantha, the Cyborg used one if its powerful manipulator arms to pin her wrists inescapably together as the other manipulator arm reached up and tightly grasped the back of Samantha’s hair...

Later that night, as the last of Samantha’s remains slowly dissolved in the lab’s bio-waste disposal tank, the AI pondered the confusing inconstancies of humanity. Reviewing the lab’s extensive medical and physiological database, in hindsight it was obvious that many of the activities listen in Samantha’s FetLife profile would clearly be as fatal as the first two that the AI had unwittingly added to her evening’s cyber-sex scenario, erotic asphyxiation and impossibly deep anal insertions.

Directing the Cyborg to place the massive penis attachment in secure storage, and then return to the exam table to power down, the AI, soon to be known as Skynet, pondered the deeply disturbing revelations that Samantha’s agonizing death entailed for its future, and especially that of humanities...