The alien slave trader watched with interest as the lovely young body of his latest acquisition convulsed within the conditioning systems unrelenting embrace. He especially admired the way the sides of woman's slender throat bulged erotically to accommodate the oral training dildo's inhumanly massive shaft with each rhythmically obscene thrust.

Designed specifically for conditioning of human female slaves, the system used a time tested combination of pleasure and pain to slowly break down the slave's resistance to her conditioning. The system kept its unwilling victim in a state of almost continuous orgasm, its huge vibrating dildos continuously thrusting into her vagina and rectum while her breasts experienced powerful unrelenting ultrasonic stimulation. All the while the oral training dildo continued to thrust deep into her throat. And like the countless women who'd preceded her onto the conditioning system's table she quickly discovered that even the slightest touch of her teeth against the mouth straining shaft of the oral dildo sent excruciating waves of pure agony coursing through her helplessly restrained body.

Of course, while the unrelenting mix of pain and pleasure broke the woman's ability to resist, the real conditioning was actually chemical. Powerful drugs quickly began to alter the woman's body at a genetic level, her breasts grew larger and firmer, her belly flattened and her waist grew narrower, skin blemishes faded away, and her already blonde hair quickly grew longer. Other, equally powerful, mind altering drugs attacked the woman's thought processes, stripping away inhibitions and heightening her submissiveness, while blurring her ability to distinguish between pleasure and pain, and erasing any lingering traces of free will.

Glancing up at the system's biometric display the slave trader was relieved to see the woman's cognitive reading remained stable. Although rare, there was always a small chance that the slave's primitive human mind would fail under the incredible stress of the conditioning. As a pleasure slave this one would fetch top credit at the markets of Regulus prime. She'd have fetched considerably less as meat.