The last thing Sara remembered was lying back upon her bed, her hard throbbing nipples pressing against the fabric of her sinfully revealing red lace teddy, with a set of fresh batteries in her favorite vibrator. Switching on the vibrator, she’d felt a sudden sharp stinging sensation at the side of her neck, as she fainted.

Her abductor smiled as Sara slowly regained consciousness, her shapely lingerie clad body tightly restrained against the cold steel surface of the platform. A faint “Mumf” escaping past the massive penis gag strapped firmly into her mouth as her eyes focused upon the razor-sharp blade of the ominously poised buzz saw.

“Good evening Sara, not surprisingly I bet this is probably the last thing you expected when you went to bed with that amazingly powerful vibrator, but I needed someone to star in a demonstration of my latest deathtrap. One aptly named the ‘Buzz Kill’.”

Savoring the look of terror in Sara’s eyes as he continued, “I’ve thoughtfully set the saw’s activation delay for a random time of between ten to thirty minutes so that you’ll have time to anticipate the truly diabolical nature of your demise. However, since you can’t actually see the control panel, the only warning, you’ll have that you’re about to be cut in half at the waist, will be the blade spinning up 15 seconds before it starts to descend. Your death, while painful and amazingly messy, should be fairly quick. I imagine you’ll only have about thirty seconds of consciousness left after that sharp spinning blade finishes bisecting your torso.”

Her abductor glanced at the control panel as he continued, “Well Sara, I’m going to leave you to dwell upon your gruesome fate. The deathtrap’s activation timer’s counting down the final moments of your life, and the artfully placed HD video cameras already activated to capture your obscenely unpleasant demise from multiple angles.”

Pausing to smile darkly, “I’ll return later to dispose of your remains and clean up the mess.” With that, Sara felt her heart pounding within her chest as she watched in horrifying disbelief as her abductor simply turned and walked out of the room.