Welcome back to the fourth and final segment of tonight’s episode of Blood Show, the live-streaming webcast where, during each episode, we hold four silent auctions so you, our audience, can bid for the chance to end a beautiful woman’s life.

The lovely Gina is tonight’s fourth and final victim of the gruesomely messy decapitator. Gina is a 24-year-old dental hygienist from Vancouver, whom we acquired after the cartel abducted her during a late-night walk on the beach outside the Cancun resort where she was vacationing.

As usual, the minimum bid is fifty thousand, and you will have ten minutes to submit your final bid once bidding begins. After bidding ends, Gina’s restraint frame will rotate forward, positioning her neck within the decapitator’s blood-stained stock. When that occurs, the ‘Execute’ link on the winning bidder’s screen will appear, and they’ll have five minutes to claim Gina’s life before the decapitator automatically triggers.

The bidding may now commence...