That horrific monster, who after securing me in these restraints, explained in horrifyingly graphic detail, what he evilly intends for me to endure. When he finished terrifying me, he went to change out of his expensive suit, something about how difficult itís been for his dry cleaner to get out all those blood stains.

I thought this was going to merely be a kinky modeling assignment, a few pictures for his catalog of horrors. Unfortunately, it turns out that heís using me to make a demonstration video of his newest deathtrap for an important client.

He described my intimately torturous demise as a mix of unrelenting pleasure and unimaginable agony. When he returns, heíll pull that red lever causing the black vibrator to move upward until all twelve inches of its thick ribbed shaft are fully inside me before it switches on. He promised that its powerful stimulation will bring my first orgasm within two minutes, and within ten minutes, the orgasms will be coming so close together it well be impossible for me to tell where one orgasm ends, and the next one begins.

Finally, after thirty minutes of unrelenting multi-orgasmic sexual pleasure, the two blade-lined panels will slowly start to rise toward me, and less than a minute later all those long, razor-sharp blades, diabolically positioned to maximize my agonizing torment without causing damage to any of my vital organs, will fully impale me.

He assured me, that even after I'm impaled upon those horrifying blades, that powerful vibrator will keep me in a state of continuous orgasm. He also assured me that Iíd endure that unrelenting mix of erotic pleasure and agonizing pain for several torturously long hours before finally dying.

Between orgasms, Iíll try to remember to thank him when I see those blade-lined panels start to rise. This torturous death trap is turning out to be the ultimate masochistic expression of a darkly erotic wet dream, seriously I never expected any of this, but lucky me...