Helplessly restrained, Lisa dwelled in horror upon the words of her Master, “Honestly. You were my favorite, and even though you’re in your late thirties, I was going to keep you around for a few more years, but you had to go and cut your hair, didn’t you? I know. It's fashionable, but you knew how much I liked to gather your long flowing mane in my hands to control your head when you’re servicing me orally and especially when I’m taking you in the ass.”

Pausing to shake his head sadly, “Perhaps if you’d thought to ask my permission first, it wouldn’t have come to this. I’ve set the saw’s start delay to random, so it could be a minute or ten minutes before the saw switches on. After that, it’s unstoppable. Once you hear the saw activate, it will reach your crotch in about two minutes, two minutes after that, it’s sharp spinning blade reaches the top of your sternum. Personally, I doubt you’ll still be alive when it does.”

It turns out Lisa’s master was painfully correct. She lost consciousness by the time the saw’s spinning blade reached the underside of her ribcage, and quickly bleeding out, she died before it reached the cleavage of her breasts.

Today, the only evidence that Lisa ever existed lies within the catacombs beneath her master’s castle in the Bavarian alps, her mutilated remains entombed forever within a row of unmarked stone sarcophagus, the final resting places of all her master’s former slaves...