Erica instantly knew she’d come to the right place when she entered the restaurant’s kitchen. Standing prominently at the center of the kitchen was something out of her darkest erotic nightmares, a Dolcett Jessica-3000 automatic spitting machine.

Fantasizing about what it will feel like to be strapped on that Jessica-3000 and turned into meat, I looked to the waiting Chef, “I see I came to the right place to witness my darkest erotic nightmare. So, where is the lucky girl you plan to turn into meat this morning?”

Smiling, the Chef replied, “Not to worry, Erica. I’m sure she’ll be along presently.”

I felt a delightful shiver of evil anticipation, “I understand that while girl meat is always on your restaurant’s menu, you only roast women alive on special occasions.”

Seeing the questioning look in my eyes, “This evening is a special occasion here at our restaurant. We’re hosting the annual feast for our wealthy cannibalistic clientele, with the main course consisting of a beautiful woman roasted to perfection. That’s the reason I asked you here this morning Erica.”

Smiling, “Thanks, I’ve always wanted to see a woman processed on a Jessica-3000. I find the idea of being brutally turned into meat darkly erotic.”

Pausing to glance back at the rotisserie mounted above that glowing bed of coals, “I’m curious, after being skewered, how long does a woman typically survive once she’s put over the coals to roast?”

A subtle look of evil anticipation appeared in his eyes, “Most women seem to survive for about an hour over the coals, some a little longer, some a little less.”

I felt a chillingly delightful sensation of fear. It seemed horrifying enough to be skewered and disemboweled on the Jessica-3000, but then, to survive for an hour, slowly roasting over those red glowing coals on that rotating rotisserie, the utter cruelty far exceeded even my darkest erotic nightmare of what it would be like.

Trying to imagine what it would be like to die such a horrific death, I felt my body involuntarily responding to the dark eroticism of the moment. I could feel my nipples hardening against the thin latex of my erotically revealing bodysuit and suspected the wetness of my arousal would already be coating the insides of my thighs if it wasn’t for the bodysuit’s uncomfortably tight-fitting thong crotch.

I’m usually an exhibitionist and not self-conscious about wearing such a revealing outfit. However, the matching shoes were a bit much with their six-inch spike heels.

“So, I was wondering, why did you have me change into this revealing outfit just to watch the Jessica-3000 turn a woman into meat?”

Smiling, the Chef casually replied, “Erica, that’s because tonight you’re going to be the evening’s main course.”

Suddenly, two of the Chef’s assistants grabbed my arms. The Chef smiled, a look of eager anticipation in his eyes as he addressed his assistants, “Strip Erica and get her strapped onto the Jessica-3000. The guests will start arriving around six and expect dinner promptly at seven this evening, so we need to get her over the coals and start roasting by noon at the latest.”

A few minutes later, I found myself naked and helplessly secured upon the kitchen’s diabolic Jessica-3000. I’d tried to resist when they stripped off what little I was wearing, but they were too strong and quickly overpowered me.

The Chef stopped before me and raised my chin, clearly enjoying the tears running down my cheeks.

Looking up into his cold hard eyes, “I thought you invited me here to watch the Jessica-3000 turning a woman into meat. And, even though I’ve long fantasized about this, it was only a pleasant, darkly erotic nightmare. I never really wanted to be processed.”

Smiling knowingly, “Erica, we track women who post Dolcett cannibalistic stories on fetish chatrooms and single out the most beautiful for our attention when planning a special occasion for our valued clients. Do you think you’re the first woman we’ve processed who’s objected to being turned into meat?”

As I watched, his smile turned ominously darker, “After all, I promised you you’d get to watch the Jessica-3000 turn a woman into meat. Only in your case it will be from a gruesomely different perspective.”

With that, he pushed the Jessica-3000’s activation switch, “Goodbye, my dear. In five minutes, you’ll be meat. In ten, you’ll be roasting over the coals.”

I heard a faint hydraulic hiss behind me and realized that the impalement spit between my legs had started to move. I instinctively knew I’d be screaming in agony in a few brief seconds as that unstoppable steel skewer entered my vagina and moved upward through my body. Then, a minute or so later, my screaming would suddenly stop as that steel shaft, sliding steadily upward through my esophagus, blocked my vocal cords moments before its sharp unyielding tip exited my mouth. After that, brutally disemboweled, the Jessica-3000’s gutting bucket filled with my mutilated entrails, and my body slowly roasted over those hot glowing coals.

Watching with amusement as Erica’s sexy roasting body convulsed around that slowly rotating spit, the Chef smiled. It’s always the same with every woman he’d processed and put over the coals to roast. Between the unrelenting pain, the stimulation caused by the anal stabilization post, and the slow but steady stimulation of her clitoris and vagina as her weight shifted on the rotating spit, Erica was well on her way to her fourteenth orgasm, and she’d only been over the coals for less than ten minutes.

As the excruciating minutes passed, I realized I was starting to roast, my body temperature slowly rising as I began to feel lightheaded. Being skewered was unspeakably painful, disembowelment worse than anything I imagined suffering and roasting over those coals a living hell. And yet, that spit’s slow, steady rotation forced me to endure powerful, almost continuous multiple orgasms.

In the end, Erica lasted just over seventy-two minutes roasting over the coals, enduring just over one hundred orgasms before losing consciousness. Her final thought, moments before she expired, “All that overwhelming pain and pleasure, riding the Jessica-3000 and then roasting over the coals, a masochistic wet dream come true, especially since I died in unrelenting agony in the end...”