The goddess Ereshkigal laughed as Heidi's high-pitched screams echoing off the ancient unfeeling stonewalls of the dungeon torture chamber. The goddess could feel the young woman's terror building with every passing moment. Ereshkigal knew that it would only be a few short minutes before Heidi's mounting fear would overwhelm her senses. Soon nothing would remain but that delicious taste of unrelenting terror that Ereshkigal so enjoyed.

While a decidedly unpleasant death, the Vore pit was far from the most agonizing demise available within the dungeons of the Mesopotamian Underworld. However, while not the most torturous of deaths the Vore's pit did offer the underworld's most lingering demise.

Dangling helplessly within the open mouth of the Vore, the putrid stench of decay threatened to overwhelm Heidi as she struggled to avoid the sharp barbs that lined the Vore's obscene interior. Heidi knew that a single tiny scratch from any of those barbs would introduce enough poison into her bloodstream to quickly paralyze her entire body and she'd fall into the torturous depths of the Vore's digestive tract. There she'd remain for months, paralyzed and unable to resist, her life sustained by the Vore even as it slowly consumed her alive.

But even as she struggled to avoid the Vore's poisonous barbs Heidi fully understood the hopelessness of her situation. Having spent long centuries in the service of the death goddess Ereshkigal, Heidi fully understood that, as a willing pleasure slave, mercy not only doesn't exist but isn't desired. And she could already feel her hands slipping.