Twilight in the Mesopotamian Underworld and with the coming of night the Underworld's eternal cycle of libertine excess once again shifts away from thoughts of unimagined pleasures and inevitably toward thoughts of horrifying dungeon torture chambers and their darker and infinitely more fiendish delights.

Somewhere deep within the endless labyrinths of the Mesopotamian Underworld's dungeon torture chambers a beautiful young woman, one of Ereshkigal's legion of all too willing pleasure slaves, stands helplessly chained against one of the dungeon's ancient punishment posts.

Standing alone in this ancient place of unspeakable torment Lisa struggled to control the overwhelming range of emotions coursing through her mind. Thoughts of horror, of terrifying peril and torturous death, intermingled with darkly erotic thoughts of her willing masochistic submission to her true nature. The taunt chains kept Lisa's shapely young body pressed helplessly against the post's smooth polished stone, its once rough surface slowly polished over countless millennia by the dying struggles of countless willing pleasure slaves.

The dark eroticism of knowing that she was just another victim fated to willingly endure a night of slow agonizing death merely for the sadistic amusement of the goddess Ereshkigal sent a cold shiver of delightfully overwhelming masochistic pleasure coursing through Lisa's helplessly restrained body.

Having already spent countless centuries in the service of the death goddess, Lisa held no illusions concerning her willing subservience to all that Ereshkigal demands of her pleasure slaves. In exchange for eternal youth and beauty Lisa, like all of Ereshkigal's pleasure slaves, willingly endured night after night of torturous agonizing death for the death goddess's amusement.

Lisa smiled as she felt the intense heat of the brazier's red-hot coals against the naked skin of her back, its array of diabolical implements of unbearable pain glowing red-hot and ready for their fiendishly cruel employment. All too soon her thoughts of erotic masochistic delight would brutally succumb to the horrifying realities of slow agonizing death at the hands of the death goddess Ereshkigal.