It had been a long and torturous night for Nikki.

Long excruciating hours spent helplessly shackled upon the torture frame, the full weight of her painfully taunt young body pressing Nikki's tender flesh down upon the sharp iron spikes of the crotch rest. The unyielding iron collar of the garrote squeezing Nikki's slender throat just enough to make each desperate breath a life and death struggle to survive. The steady dull throbbing of her half crushed breasts a terrifying reminder of the long hours of abuse yet to come.

In the endless centuries of willing servitude spend in the service of Ereshkigal, the ancient Sumerian goddess of death, and the ruler of the Mesopotamian Underworld, Nikki had come to embrace her darkly masochistic existence. Accepting Ereshkigal's offer of eternal life and beauty in exchange for becoming one of Ereshkigal's willing pleasure slaves, Nikki entered into the Mesopotamian Underworld's endless cycle of libertine excess, days of unimagined pleasures, nights of torturous death far beyond her worst masochistic nightmares.

Even knowing that this night would end in slow horrifying strangulation at the merciless hands of the death goddess, Nikki willingly embraced her own suffering. Nikki understood that the brutal abuse she'd already endured was merely foreplay, a darkly masochistic warm up to the night's main event. Watching helplessly as Ereshkigal selected a red hot iron from among the implements of torture heating in the hot glowing coals of the brazier, Nikki knew her evening was about to take a turn for the worse.