For a willing pleasure slave, forever trapped with the darkest depths of the Mesopotamian Underworld's torture chambers, timing is everything.

Surprised that her executioner neglected to bind her wrists before locking her slender neck beneath the razor sharp blade of the guillotine Samantha quickly began to make the best of this rare opportunity. Although certain that her diabolically sadistic executioner was once again merely toying with her emotions, Samantha no longer cared as she allowed herself to willingly succumb to the overwhelming eroticism of the moment.

Despite that hideously sharp blade of the guillotine poised to decapitate her, Samantha instinctively arched her back and brought her knees up as her hands moved to caress her body. The warmth of Samantha's hands enveloped her breasts, compressing their silky fullness as her fingernails softly scratched across her nipples. A soft moan of erotic pleasure escaped Samantha's lips as her fingertips instinctively tightened to painfully crush her erect throbbing nipples.

Glancing up at the cold dark eyes of the executioner, Samantha felt delightfully ominous shivers of utter terror racing along her spine, as one of her hands moved from her bosom and slowly slipped down across her belly. Samantha gasped in hedonistic delight as her fingertips slowly parted her swollen labia and brushed across her engorged clit, before slipping deep into the heated wetness of her sex.

Staring up at the guillotine's hideously sharp blade Samantha could feel her climax building. Despite to prolong her final moments of carnal pleasure before the blade fell, Samantha moaned as she reluctantly slipped her arousal dampened fingers from between her legs and tightly grasped the side of her stocking clad thigh.

Lost in the dark eroticism of her final moments, Samantha found herself submissively fantasizing about rough sex with her ominously hooded executioner. The way her climax would build with each brutal thrust of his cock. That indescribable sensation as his cock pressed up against the mouth of her womb with every impossibly deep thrust. The sensuous feel of her stocking clad legs around his hard muscular waist as she desperately urged him deeper with each delightful thrust until finally he came, filling her insides with his hot cum.

She barely noticed the drop of the guillotine's blade.