Ereshkigal, the ancient Sumerian goddess of death, could already taste the delightfully exotic flavor of the young woman's torment as her husband, the god Nergal placed several cruel implements of torture into the brazier's red glowing coals to heat.

Watching the woman suffering in agony upon the spiked torture table before her, a darkly ominous smile slowly spread across Ereshkigal's face. "Andrea, I hope spending the last few hours here on the spikes has prepared you for tonight's more torturous entertainments. You know you were wrong to believe that the libertine excesses of your former existence as a Parisian courtesan could have prepared you for your new life as one of my pleasure slaves."

Pausing momentarily to enjoy the sight of horrified disbelief evident within Andrea's lovely blue eyes Ereshkigal continued, "Here in the Mesopotamian underworld you will come to know and live the ultimate expression of servitude." As Andrea watched, Ereshkigal's smiled broadened until the goddess's sharp fangs became visible to the woman bound helplessly upon the spikes. Out of the corner of her eye Ereshkigal noticed Nergal picking up a rather brutal nipple crusher.

The look visible within Ereshkigal's eyes, as Andrea watched the goddess casually picking up a massive spiked dildo, sent a horrifying wave of unrelenting horror coursing through the young woman's already tormented mind as she finally understood the full and unpleasant reality of her deadly bargain. In exchange for eternal life and beauty, Andrea was forever trapped within the Mesopotamian underworld's eternal cycle of pleasure and agonizing torturous death, her own.

The tone of Ereshkigal's voice turned darkly ominous as she continued, "Lovely Andrea, while we're waiting for the implements within the coals to heat up, how would you like us to begin tonight's entertainment. My husband Nergal seems to favor expanding your understanding of the pleasures of breast mutilation." Ereshkigal's eyes seemed to glow like the brazier's hot coals as she finished, "Or perhaps, you'd like to start with something a bit more intimate?"