Dawn slowly approaches as the Underworld's starless blood-red sky begins to show the first hints of the coming sunrise. Soon, on the smoke shrouded plains of the Mesopotamian Underworld, the countless souls of the dead will once again awaken to their eternal existence on the Underworld's endless wastelands. And high above the smoke shrouded plains, behind the impenetrable walls of Ereshkigal's mountain top palace, the willing pleasure slave's of the death goddess will once again awaken within their troll guarded harems, the obscene brutality of their previous nights entertainments still haunting their every tortured thought.

And yet, even as the long day progresses and Ereshkigal's willing pleasure slaves eagerly loose themselves in the pleasures of the flesh, the horrors of the night will remain to haunt their every thought. Inescapable horrors they know will inevitably return with the setting of the sun. That with the coming of night they will once again be fated to endure the torturous delights of the Mesopotamian Underworld's dungeon torture chambers. A nightly ritual of painfully torturous delights that they each know will ultimately culminate in their slow and agonizing deaths at the merciless hands of Ereshkigal's obscenely skilled executioners.

Even now, as dawn approaches, somewhere in the darkest depths of the Mesopotamian Underworld's dungeon torture chambers Ereshkigal's last surviving pleasure slave, a beautiful young woman is slowly losing her desperate struggle against death. Her long and painful struggle lasted throughout the night as her fiendish executioners gradually continued to increase the tightness of the unforgiving steel wire noose that encircled her slender throat. Gradually the tight unyielding steel wire forced her up onto her toes until hours later she teeter helplessly before cold merciless eyes of her sadistic tormentors.

Finally, when they were absolutely certain she couldn't last another agonizing moment longer, her executioners kicked the stool from beneath her trembling toes, the lovely young woman's final desperate scream cruelly silenced as the taunt steel wire brutally tightened to crush her slender throat.

Ereshkigal's executioners stepped back and watched as their beautiful young victim struggled against the inevitably of her death. The erotically enticing way her long shapely legs kicked as she helplessly struggled against the inevitable. The cute, but ultimately futile way, she desperately stretched to find purchase with her toes.

But, perhaps most of all, the executioners loved the erotically hedonistic mix of emotions clearly visible in their victim's lovely dying eyes. That darkly erotic mix of unrelenting terror, of horror, of inescapable unendurable pain, and yet, the obvious signs of willing acceptance. Signs that somewhere deep down, beyond the utter brutality of her agonizing death, this woman above all else remained one of Ereshkigal's willing pleasure slaves. That even beyond her masochistic and undeniably feminine need to experience all the deadly pleasures of the Mesopotamian Underworld's dungeon torture chambers, she was above all else, willing to die in unrelenting agonizing torment merely for the amusement of her mistress, the cruel and malevolent deity Ereshkigal, the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian goddess of death, the merciless ruler of the Mesopotamian Underworld. Still, she managed to surprise even the sadistically jaded expectations of her fiendishly cruel executioners. She managed to hang on, kicking and struggling against the inevitable for almost twenty minutes, before her struggles gradually began to weaken until finally the lovely young pleasure slave hung with the stillness that only comes with death.

Soon would come the dawn of a new day and the endless inescapable cycle of the Mesopotamian Underworld would once again commence. A dawn that would see this tormented young pleasure slave once again awakening within the troll guarded harems of Ereshkigal's palace, haunted by fresh horrifying memories of her own torturous demise. But inevitably, as the sun slowly sets, her mind will once again turn to thoughts of the obscene horrors that lay ahead, of enduring yet another night of torturously deadly delight in the Underworld's dungeon torture chambers, of her unquenchable longing to once again endure an agonizingly torturous death all merely for the dark amusement of her mistress, the death goddess Ereshkigal.