The torture chamber reeked with the familiar stench of fear overlaid with the pungent smell of electricity and a faint but delightful aroma of burned flesh. The death goddess Ereshkigal watched in pure sadistic amusement as her pleasure slave sensuously convulsed under the brutal effects of the high voltage electrical current coursing through her beautiful body. Only when she was certain that her pleasure slave was once again nearing death did Ereshkigal release the switch to cut off the current.

Sophie slumped forward in complete exhaustion the instant the electricity ceased to flow through her brutalized young body. Struggling to catch her breath Sophie felt fresh tears of anguish trickling down her cheeks. She'd been enduring this on again, off again, electrical torture for hours. The brutal current surging through her belly between the heavy clamps attached to her nipple rings and the oversized steel dildo and the painful alligator clamp crushing her clit. Over the long torturous hours the death goddess had gradually increased the voltage until the level of pain finally exceeded even Sophie's considerable masochistic ability to derived pleasure from her own torment.

Recruited, in the early years of the twenty-first century as one of Ereshkigal's pleasure slaves, Sophie willingly accepted Ereshkigal's torturous bargain, eternal life and beauty, days of unimagined pleasures, in exchange for an eternity of nights spent enduring agonizing torment. And like all those that came before her, Sophie discovered to her eternal dismay that, here in the darkest depths of the Mesopotamian Underworld's dungeon torture chambers, naive mortal concepts of agonizing torment merely served as sadistic foreplay. That, here in the Underworld's torture chambers, real suffering doesn't even commence until you've already far beyond the point where you thought you'd die.

Sophie watched helplessly as the death goddess reached down to increase the voltage yet another increment. She wasn't sure how much more she could take. Somewhere deep inside Sophie could sense her guts beginning to cook.