I still remember Ereshkigal's harsh words, "I think you need to reflect upon the realities of having so willingly accepted your destined place as one of my pleasure slaves, perhaps a little long-term seclusion, some time to reflect upon your new place in the Mesopotamian Underworld is in order." I still the coldness in her voice as she continued, "Who knows, perhaps given enough time, you may even re-discover your long suppressed masochistic desires."

Let's face reality, on that fateful night when that ghostly specter materialized to offer me Ereshkigal's obscenely dark bargain, I was drunk. I'd spent the evening drinking wine and searching the web for darkly perilous stories and images. I'd found an illustrated story of a beautiful woman losing more then just her dignity under the razor-sharp blade of a custom build guillotine. Fantasizing as I re-read that story for the fourth time, I was well into a second bottle of wine, and thanks to my trusty vibrator well on my way to my twelfth orgasm of the evening when the ghostly specter of Ereshkigal's envoy suddenly appeared above my empty wine glass

Who knows, maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the countless hours I'd spent reading tales of women in peril, maybe it was my long suppressed desire to be one of those women doomed to an obscenely torturous demise, or maybe it was just the two bottles of wine talking. But drunk as I was, his ghostly offer of eternal youth and beauty, his promise of days of unimagined sexual pleasures, of nights of obscenely brutal torture and death, all sounded pretty good. Or maybe, it was just that I was especially horny that night and his ghostly image revealed far too much of his erect and inhumanly proportioned cock to ignore. Anyway, before I realized what I was truly getting myself into, I found myself whisked away to the darkest depths of the Mesopotamian Underworld, fated to spend all of eternity as just another willing pleasure slave to some ancient sadistic bitch named Ereshkigal.

Anyway, faster then being evicted, my small, rundown apartment vanished and I suddenly found myself on my knees directly behind something that looked a whole lot like a seventeenth century French guillotine. I was still staring up at the guillotine's blood-stained blade when two muscular executioners grabbed my shoulders and forced my head beneath the guillotine's raised blade. Shocked by what was happening, it took a few moments before I realized, I was looking down into a vast pit, a pit that seemed to contain thousands upon thousands of women's bloody severed heads.

By then, they'd already tied my wrists behind my back and one of the executioner's was raping me. Of course, it didn't hurt that he'd left my vibrator buzzing away deep within my sex and was raping me anally. And OK, maybe it was just the intensely erotic horror of the moment, or maybe, just that I was drunk. But, I swear toward the end, at some dark and fundamentally masochistic level, I actually started to enjoy what was happening. Of course, that was before my assailant climaxed and the guillotine's razor-sharp blade came down on the back of my neck.

The next morning, accompanied by the ghostly specter who'd recruited me, I granted an audience with Ereshkigal, the ancient Sumerian goddess of death and as it turns out the ruler of the Mesopotamian Underworld. The death goddess listened intently to my story, about how drunk I'd been, that I'd failed to realize the horrible implications of accepting eternal life as one of her pleasure slaves, how all this was just all one big and terrible mistake.

Ereshkigal waited until I'd finished and laughed, "My ghostly envoys never make mistakes about those they recruit into my service. And even though you may still refuse to admit the truth, deep down you are ready to take your place as one of my willing pleasure slaves."

Seeing the look of complete disbelief in my eyes, Ereshkigal continued, "You should know that once you willingly accept the terms of my envoy's bargain, there can be no turning back. The life you knew is forever gone, you belong to me now, both body and soul for all eternity."

I could see the look of sadistic pleasure growing in Ereshkigal's glowing red eyes as she continued, "Of course, if you truly wish to reject eternal life and beauty, to turn away from an eternity with unimagined pleasures and torturous perils of the flesh, I will grant your final wish."

Smiling darkly Ereshkigal continued, "And, since you can never return to your former existence, I will have no choice but to banish your soul to the endless, formless plains of the Underworld, there to dwell in unrelenting misery until the end of time."

Then her demonic eyes seemed to glow even brighter, and for the briefest of moments I swear I could smell the sulfurous scent of unimagined fire and brimstone, as Ereshkigal shook her head and concluded, "Of course, given enough time to reflect in solitude, even someone unworthy as you may come to realize the incredible value of what you've been offered." With that she signaled to the waiting executioners to take me away.

Well the rest of my story you already know, Ereshkigal's sadistic executioners brought me directly to this torture chamber, deep within the most ancient depths of the Mesopotamian Underworld's endless dungeons.

Here they forced me into this impossibly restrictive outfit, the skin-tight cat suit, the gloves, the hood, the collar, the boots. The hood's impossibly oversized rubber cock gag stifling my desperate protests as they laced this sadistic waist-crushing corset around my waist, and as my body betrayed me, they inserted weighted rings though my erect my erect nipples and a heavy ring though my nasal septum. Of course, as it turned out, this was merely foreplay the truly diabolical torment was yet to come.

I soon found myself upon this torturous instrument of punishment, the restraints upon my arms and legs making it impossible to escape the unrelenting torment of my position. Try as I might the restraints only allow me enough movement to brutally enhance my unrelenting agony. Helpless, I'm compelled to choose between the sharp unyielding steel between my thighs as it brutally crushes my sensitive clit, or to lean back ever so slightly, taking an infinitesimal amount of weight off my tortured clitoris by intentionally pressing my back onto the waiting spikes.

And just so you don't think it can get any worse, every day at dawn I'm reborn into the same torturous position, fated to spend another 24 brutal hours in agonizing torment. And frankly, I think that bitch Ereshkigal is determined that I willingly accept my place as one of her eternal pleasure slaves. And I've been keeping count, today is the 302,826 day that I've been down here in this torture chamber.

Of course, maybe Ereshkigal knows what she'd doing, somehow I've come to look forward to the start of each new day down here in the solitude of this forgotten torture chamber, each day my body renewed, each day the agonizing torment fresh, and about all I can remember from my former existence is my name, "Mindy."