Waiting alone in this cold, dimly lit dungeon torture chamber, her wrists helplessly manacled to the ancient dungeon wall, her mouth filled with an oversized jaw straining ball gag, Nikki was beginning to think that Ereshkigal, the supreme goddess of death, had forgotten her.

Try as she might, the brutal and painfully familiar torture implements arrayed upon the table kept drawing her terrified gaze. Each cruel implement cunningly designed to exact its own unique and excruciatingly painful torment from her abused flesh.

A devote and long serving pleasure slave of the goddess Ereshkigal, Nikki reveled in her darkly libertine existence. To spend all eternity locked in this obscenely hedonistic cycle, of unimagined sexual bliss and obscenely torturous death, which the goddess demanded of her willing slaves.

Hopefully the goddess would be returning soon. Nikki could feel the desperate heat of her deeply masochistic longing for torment rising. Despite her terror Nikki already longed to feel the agonizing bite of those brutal implements. Helplessly waiting to die in agonizing torment, Nikki silently prayed for the screaming to begin.