The instant she saw the troll guard Melinda knew escape would be impossible, turning to run she knew she was already hopelessly doomed. Seconds later the agonizing impact of the troll guard's heavy spear drove Melinda to her knees, it's long razor sharp tip slicing effortlessly through the young woman's guts. Impaled on the guard's heavy spear and unable to rise, Melinda waited helplessly on her knees, listening to the sound of the troll guard's steel shod hooves as he quickly moved toward her.

Created by the death goddess Ereshkigal, to forever guard the approaches that led to the Mesopotamian underworld's inner sanctum, the death goddess made the troll guards as eunuchs, denying them the pleasures of the flesh while insuring that they'd forever resent the incredible beauty and hedonistic lifestyle of the goddess's chosen pleasure slaves. Itís said, that the troll guardís wait in hopes of waylaying the occasional unwary pleasure slave, that they take their dark vengeance out on these unfortunate beauties, subjecting them to the cruelest and most brutal of torturous deaths.

From countless nights spent enduring the agonizing delights of the Mesopotamian underworld's dungeon torture chambers Melinda already knew that while immobilizing, the spear sticking through her guts wouldn't be immediately fatal. Perhaps after all these centuries she at long last was finally going to discover the truth behind the darkly whispered rumors.

Melinda only hoped that she'd remain conscious throughout the coming ordeal, she'd heard that at the end, when the troll guards have abused you to the point where death was finally inevitable, they preferred to take the pleasure slave's life in a particularly obscene and brutal manor. With forearms thicker around than her thighs and those wicked looking spiked armbands, Melinda desperately hoped the whispered rumors were true. That at the end, she would die screaming in agony, fisted up the ass with that troll guard's massive arm buried up to his elbow within the torn and mutilated remnants of her intestines. Now if he'd just refrain from using a lubricant...