Rising at first light, Nergal, the ancient Sumerian god of war and pestilences, likes to spend several hours each morning in the perfection of his deadly skills. And this morning, as Alyson is about to discover, Nergal prefers that his targets be able to feel pain.

Recently recruited to serve in the Mesopotamian underworld as one of the goddess Ereshkigal's willingly pleasure slaves, Alyson understood that in exchange for beauty and immortality she would be called upon to endure an eternity of agonizing torture and death merely for the sadistic amusement of Ereshkigal and her fiendishly cruel husband Nergal. But, not even in her wildest masochistic fantasies had Alyson imagined she'd one day get the opportunity to serve as a living archery target.

Helplessly watching Nergal as he drew back his bow to take his first practice shot of the morning. Alyson felt the muscles of her lower belly tighten as she finally realized just where Nergal was aiming.

Belly Butt indeed.