Stretched agonizingly taunt across the rack, Alyson watched in horrified fascination as the pendulum's razor sharp blade swung past just inches above her waist. With each seductive swing the pendulum's deadly blade moved gradually closer to her belly.

Having long ago entered the Mesopotamian Underworld, Alyson accepted Ereshkigal's obscenely deadly bargain, the gift of eternal youth and beauty in exchange for her willing submission to the underworld's endless cycle of libertine excess, an eternity of unimagined pleasures and of torturous death.

Even now, as she felt the muscles and tendons of her body finally beginning to succumb to the rack's ever increasing tension, Alyson never regretted her choice in becoming one of Ereshkigal's willing pleasure slaves.

Moments later a brief high-pitched scream of agonizing torment echoed off the torture chamber's ancient stonewalls as the rack's unrelenting tension finally dislocated Alyson's shoulders. But, even as Alyson struggled to regain her breath, she knew the worst was yet to come. Despite the ominous peril implied by the razor sharp blade of the pendulum passing just a hair's breath above her belly, Alyson could already feel cold hard tip of the spike covered vaginal mutilator entering her sex.

Straining to lift her head, Alyson watched in horrified anticipation as the sharp gleaming spikes that covered the mutilator's obscenely thick shaft steadily advanced upward toward the apex of her tautly stretched thighs.

In that final timeless moment before the first row of the mutilator's spikes began they hideous destruction of her vagina a darkly erotic thought crossed Alyson's mind, the kind of thought that only a masochist with a death wish could truly have at a moment like this, Alyson hoped that the mutilator would penetrate deep enough to complete it's obscenely painful destruction of her vagina and still have time to brutally rupture her cervix before the descending pendulum's blade cut her in half and finally ended all the fun.