Despite her long centuries of servitude within the torture chambers of the Mesopotamian Underworld, the sight of that ominously waiting impalement post still sent a chilling wave of pure terror coursing through Paige's tender exposed flesh. In the underworld, Paige had found impalement was never an easy way to die. And judging by the considerable girth of this post's polished steel shaft and the ominous presence of that painfully sharp looking anal post, her death would be a particularly torturous and lingering affair.

And while, Paige could already feel her desperate masochistic need to suffer this agonizing torment overwhelming her initial terror she knew that once that brutal impalement post's shaft is lodged within the depths of her corset compressed belly, it will quickly strip away any sense of masochistic pleasure she might be enjoying. If there was one thing Paige had learned during the long centuries of agonizing torture she'd already endured within the Mesopotamian Underworld's torture chambers, that in the end, the pain always wins.