A delightfully sharp cry of painful anguish echoed off the ancient stonewalls of the torture chamber as the goddess Ereshkigal slowly pressed the sharp needle deeper into the firm young flesh of Nikki's tender bosom. The Mesopotamian goddess of death feasted on the primordial emotions unleashed by the young woman's agonizing torment. For to long her husband Nergal, the Mesopotamian god of war and pestilence, had managed to keep this tasty young morsel to himself. Now, at long last, the goddess was finally able to enjoy the unimpeded taste of this sweet young slave's terror.

With the insertion of each new needle that violated Nikki's smooth white flesh, Ereshkigal felt a fresh an almost unimaginably invigorating wave of terror welling up from deep within Nikki's mind. Ereshkigal could taste the mounting horror that threatened to overwhelm her victim's sanity. Even though Nikki had already suffered through countless agonizing deaths to appease the gods of the underworld, Ereshkigal could also sense her husband Nergal had been using this lovely young thing more to satisfy his sexual lusts that to sate his considerable desire to inflict torment.

Watching the tears welling up in Nikki's beautiful eyes as the needle's sharp tip sank deeper into the firm fullness of the young woman's breast, Ereshkigal smiled darkly. Perhaps, Nikki was finally beginning to understand the full extent of her deadly bargain, her willingness to freely enter into an unending cycle of torture and death in exchange for eternal youth and beauty. While Nikki's considerable beauty might be sufficient to attract Nergal's sexual attentions, this little sluts going to spend all eternity paying for her willingness to spread her legs for Ereshkigal's husband.

Sensing a slight resistance to the needle's penetration Ereshkigal slowly twisted the needle's slender steel shaft causing Nikki's already taunt young body to stiffen within her restraints as the sharp tip of the needle slowly scrapped along the curved surface of her rib.

Reveling in the sharp increase of her victim's torment, Ereshkigal's smile broadened as a darkly sadistic thought crossed her mind. While the goddess of death already intended to make Nikki's torturous death as brutal as possible, perhaps she should save the best for last. With hundreds of hideously sharp needles still waiting to pierce Nikki's tender flesh, Ereshkigal would save the eyes for last.