Melinda uttered a low guttural scream of sexual frustration as the powerful vibrations emanating from within the massive steel impaler ceased the instant before she reached orgasm. Seconds later she emitted a second but higher pitched scream as the impaler within her administered a brief but brutal high voltage electrical shock, creating a series of powerful gut cramping muscle spasms that rippled painfully through her lower abdomen.

Summoned to this torture chamber deep within the ancient dungeons of the Mesopotamian underworld by the god Nergal, Melinda stood submissively astride a massive steel impaler as Nergal bound her wrists tightly together behind her back and chained her ankles to the dungeon floor. The cruel impaler filled her completely with it's cold steel presence, it's thick shaft stretching her vaginal muscles to the point where Melinda though she was going to be torn apart. While deep within her sex the impaler's cold unyielding tip pressed painfully upward against the underside of her cervix. Looking down Melinda could see the ominous ring of long sharp spikes that encircled the impaler's shaft between her thighs, the spikes insuring that Melinda's long sexy legs would remain obscenely spread, robbing her of any possibility of escape from the belly straining impaler.

With Melinda anchored securely on the impaler, Nergal filled the torture chamber's brazier with charcoal and set it alight. He could sense the terror growing within the already doomed woman's mind as he selected several torture implements and placed them in the burning coals to heat. He particularly enjoyed the delightful upswing in the flavor of Melinda's fear as he carefully selected several razor sharp knives and a single oversized spiked dildo and carefully set them on the dungeon floor next to the glowing hot brazier. Then, without a single word, Nergal turned and walked from the torture chamber closing and bolting the chamber's heavy oak door as he left.

Left alone within the dungeon torture chamber, Melinda struggled to embrace her mounting terror. No stranger to the torturous delights available within the sunless torturer chambers of the Mesopotamian underworld's deepest, most fowl, dungeons, the warmth radiating from the brazier's burning coals did little to counteract the belly straining coldness of the obscenely massive impaler lodged within the depths of her sex. The presence of those horrible implements of torture slowly heating within brazier's glowing coals offset by what little comfort the slight warmth the fire imparted to her nude vulnerable form.

Time has little meaning for a beautiful woman chained alone in a subterranean torture chamber, whether it was 30 minutes or 3 hours simply did not matter, eventually the warmth of Melinda's own body warmed the cold unyielding steel shaft within her until it reached body temperature. The moment their temperatures matched, the powerful vibrators within the impalement shaft suddenly switched on.

Melinda was still struggling to catch her breath, the last lingering wave the muscle cramps finally receding, when the impaler's powerful vibrator automatically switched itself back on. Moments later a deep moan of pure masochistic satisfaction echoed off the dungeon's ancient stone walls, as the first twinges of renewed sexual pleasure mixed with the final vestiges of Melinda's muscle cramps. Even as she felt her exhausted young body responding to the powerful sexual stimulation of the vibrations she already knew deep in her heart that the impalement shaft would never allow the sexual release of an orgasm.

Despite the agonizing terrors that it entailed, Melinda found herself hoping that Nergal would return. And hopefully before she passed out from exhaustion and actually impaled herself, or at least before the repeated electrical shocks started to cook her. And he'd better hurry. Even by her own count, she'd already endured over 50 near orgasm, electrical shock cycles. Figure about 5 minutes between shocks, she'd been tormented like this for over 4 hours.

Better to willingly embrace the agonizing torment that those red-hot implements of torture promised than to continue enduring this sexual torture. Although eyeing that spike covered dildo lying on the floor next to the brazier a deeply masochistic thought crossed Melinda's torment mind, a darkly submissive thought that only a pleasure slave of the death goddess could ever willingly embrace, assuming I'm still on the impaler when Nergal uses that dildo, I hope he brought some lube.

The sudden creak of the ancient hinges of the torture chamber door brought Melinda back to reality. But she already knew, regardless of the horrors that with all certainty lie ahead she would openly embrace them. Having spent the countless centuries since being recruited to serve as one of Ereshkigal's willing "pleasure" slaves, Melinda had discovered that in truth she craved the brutal agonizing torture and death aspect of her immortal libertine existence far more than she enjoyed the pleasures.