You knew that rat's just love to gnaw on hemp rope didn't you?

Locked inescapably to the heavy wooden crucifix, Michelle helplessly watched as the starving rats started to fill the dungeon torture chamber's ancient floor.

She could feel the thrumming of the rope as their tiny razor-sharp teeth gnawed relentlessly. Others ran around between the spikes on the floor beneath her. Silly rats, she thought. My body is going to crush you dead when your friends finally gnaw through that rope.

It didn't take long before Michelle felt the heavy crucifix suddenly quiver. Any time now, she thought. Soon, those rats will finally have their chance to chew my mangled flesh down to the bone.

Staring down at those horribly sharp looking spikes Michelle wondered idly how soon death would come this time. And whether she would have to wait until the rats had eaten every last scrap of flesh before the death goddess Ereshkigal would re-animate her again.

Michelle felt a sudden sense of vertigo as the crucifix started to fall...