Impalement is one of the most ancient and barbaric forms of execution practiced within the Mesopotamian Underworld, a cruel and slow agonizing demise that embodies all that the death goddess demands of her willing pleasure slaves.

Whether it's upon the sharp tip of a cold unyielding steel post or upon one of wood, a post who's thick and ominously blood-stained wooden shaft has been worn silky smooth by the desperate dying struggles of countless women, here in the Mesopotamian Underworld many a long serving pleasure slave has come to have a deeply justifiable fear of impalement.

Often, a deeply sadistic affair, the executioner will often rape his victim first, then use the impalement shaft to once again intimately violate the woman's body one final time. Penetrating the victim's body through her vagina or anus the executioner will force the struggling woman down upon the unyielding shaft of the impalement post, the sharp tip of the post sliding relentlessly deeper into woman's abdomen.

And while many of the impalement posts used within the underworld's countless torture chambers merely penetrate their victim's body up to her waist, or perhaps just reach the underside of her diaphragm, some of the cruelest impalement posts are far far longer. Long practiced in the deadly art of impalement, many of the underworld's executioners can expertly thread these impossibly long shafts completely through their victim's struggling body. Careful to avoid the woman's heart and lungs, they force her body down upon the shaft until its sharpened point protrudes obscenely from her mouth.

Perfected, over the Mesopotamian Underworld long eon's of torment, death by impalement is rarely a quick way to die, with each beautiful victim taking long torturous hours, if not days, to expire in agonizing torment.