Becky works to suck the last few drops of cum from her executioners cock as she feels his rough hands tighten upon her shoulders. A willing pleasure slave, having already spent countless centuries in the service of Ereshkigal, the ancient Sumerian goddess of death, Becky holds no illusions that her last minute orally erotic display will merit mercy on the part of her executioner. She'd long ago discovered that in the obscenely torturous depths of the Mesopotamian Underworld mercy simply doesn't exist.

Tonight, as she feels the executioner's cock beginning to soften within her mouth, Becky presses her lips forward to fully engulf his manhood within the moist confines of her erotically skilled mouth as his massive erection slowly subsides. Deep down Becky knows that the moment she no longer satisfies her executioner's carnal pleasures will mean her impalement.

Finally, that timeless moment arrives when Becky finally allows her executioners flaccid cock to slip from her lips. Looking up she meets his cold cruel gaze and smiles. The cold heartlessness of his eyes promises so much, suffering and agonizing unrelenting torment beyond description, brutal and utterly degrading abuse beyond anything imaginable. Becky smiles as she gazes up into her executioner's cold eyes, she knows that he intends to hurt her in ways that mere mortals could hardly imagine.

Even as she feels the platform beneath her high heels giving way, Becky continues to stare up into her executioner's cold dark eyes. The firm downward pressure of the executioner's strong hands firmly pressing her body downward upon the brutal impalement post, his sure unfaltering strength insuring the cold steel shaft will thread it's way completely through her young firm body and exit between her full sensuous lips.

A brief yet delightful shudder passes through Becky's sexy young body as she feels the cold steel of the impalement post sliding relentlessly upward through her vagina. Anticipating the pain to come, Becky tilts her head back and stares upward into her executioner's cold eyes as the unyielding tip of the impalement post stabs deep into her cervix. The firm reassuring downward pressure of the execution's strong hands promises so much to come, so much pain, brutal unrelenting pain that only one of Ereshkigal's willing pleasure slave could truly embrace.