Not in her darkest, most nightmarish fantasies, had Gabrielle ever imagined herself enduring such a brutal and agonizingly torturous death as this.

With each terrifying moment that passed, Gabrielle could feel the cruel hangman's noose drawing steadily tighter around her slender throat as she fought to take that next shallow breath even as the taunt rope slowly strangled her. All the while Gabrielle couldn't escape that cold steel presence embedded so agonizingly deep within her horribly mutilated guts. And even for one of Ereshkigal's willing pleasure slaves, the steady agonizing sensation of the brutal impalement post's sharp unyielding tip digging painfully into the underside of her diaphragm with each desperate breath hurt more than even a devote masochist like Gabrielle could take pleasure in.

Watching as her willing pleasure slave struggled against the inevitability of her approaching death, Ereshkigal smiled in cold sadistic amusement as she tasted the intensely erotic mix of terror and pain that threatened to overwhelm Gabrielle's oxygen starved mind. Ereshkigal particularly enjoyed the look of pure unadulterated terror visible in Gabrielle's lovely blue eyes when that inevitable moment of no return finally arrived and the steadily tightening noose finally crushed her windpipe. That sudden and unmistakably frantic increase in Gabrielle's futile struggle against the inevitability of her death as the dying woman realized she'd already taken her last breath. The intensely erotic way Gabrielle's eyes never left Ereshkigal's, even as Gabrielle's desperate struggles slowly subsided until her beautiful young body hung with the stillness of death. And that even after her intensely erotic death, that Gabrielle's lifeless eyes never left Ereshkigal's.