It's early morning and down in the darkest depths of the Mesopotamian Underworld's dungeon torture chambers a forgotten pleasure slave awaits her terrifyingly cruel fate. Like so many of Ereshkigal's willing pleasure slaves Carmen had heard the darkly whispered tales of occasionally forgotten pleasure slaves and their unspeakably cruel fates. But never in her wildest nightmares had she thought that one night she herself would become one of the forgotten.

Led down into the dungeon torture chambers of the death goddess by one of Ereshkigal's troll guards, Carmen waited patiently through the long hours of night, on her knees in chains, for Ereshkigal or one of her cadre of sadistic torturers to arrive.

Listening to the faint high-pitched screams of other pleasure slaves slowly dying for the death goddess Ereshkigal's sadistic amusement Carmen imagined the delightfully cruel and obscene agonies she herself would soon be enduring for the amusement of the death goddess. But as time passed the faint screams of agonizing torment gradually faded into silence.

Helpless within her chains Carmen waited through the long hours of terrifying silence until she heard the faint scratching sounds of countless small feet approaching out of the darkness, the sound of razor-sharp claws against the ancient stone floor of the dungeon, the sound of hungry rats coming toward her.

At first there were just a few but Carmen knew it was merely a matter of time before there were hundreds if not thousands of rats, rats that would devour every scrap of flesh on her body. It would take hours but by nightfall all that would remain would be her bones scattered across the torture chamber's floor.

Carmen's last thoughts before the swarming rats overwhelmed her was that perhaps some night Ereshkigal or one of her sadistic torturer's might notice her scattered bones and check to see if there were any missing pleasure slaves. But Carmen had heard all the darkly whispered stories. She knew that she might spend centuries if not thousands of years consigned to the void before someone finally noticed she was missing. Sadly, until then she would be missing out on all the darkly masochistic pleasures that the Mesopotamian Underworld's dungeon torture chambers had to offer one of Ereshkigal's willing pleasure slaves.