Nikki still didn't believe this could be happening to her. Only moments before Nikki had been lying in her bed, her knees raised under the covers as she slowly masturbated herself toward her third explosive orgasm of the morning. Closing her eyes as she felt her next climax approaching, she once again found her mind drifting to familiar thoughts, thoughts about one of her most secret and darkly erotic fantasies.

Unlike most young women, who dreamt of meeting their Prince Charming and living happily ever after, Nikki's fantasies were far more sinister. In Nikki's darkly erotic fantasies, she dreamt of being the beautiful heroine, doomed to suffer a slow and torturous death at the hands of a cruel and fiendish executioner. In Nikki's darkly masochistic dreams, there was no place for brave knights, no one to rescue her just in the nick of time. And, while Nikki fantasized of enduring a wide variety of agonizingly fiendish tortures, all her fantasies ultimately culminated in unrelenting pain, blood and her own gruesome demise.

Concentrating on her rapidly approaching orgasm, Nikki imagined herself down on her knees, nude with her wrists bound tightly behind her back as she awaited her own execution. Inhaling sharply, she could almost feel the cold, rough stone floor of the ancient throne room against the bare skin of her knees, the painful unrelenting bite of the taunt ropes against the smooth skin of her wrists. Reaching up with one hand as she continued to masturbate, she slowly fondled her breasts as she imagined the sensation of her exposed nipples becoming almost painfully erect in the cool damp air of that ancient throne room.

With her next orgasm rapidly approaching, Nikki surrendered herself to her fantasies and squeezed her eyes tightly closed as she imagined the executioner preparing to behead her. She could imagine the executioner as he slowly raising his heavy, razor sharp sword high above her. Nikki felt herself beginning to climax at the erotic thought of that razor sharp sword poised to cut off her head. She imagined the feeling of tears welling up in her eyes as she submissively tilting her head forward to better expose the back of her slender neck to the executioner's waiting blade. Nikki imagined the executioner standing over her patiently waiting, his massive sword poised above the back of Nikki's neck, waiting for that first tear of terror to trickle down Nikki's cheek.

Caught in throes of both an incredible orgasm as well as the darkest depth of her masochistic imagination, Nikki felt a sudden and completely overwhelming compulsion. Keeping her eyes tightly closed she raised her hips off the mattress and crossed her wrists behind her back. The moment her wrists crossed she imagined she felt the indescribably painful sensation of the executioner's razor sharp sword slicing through her neck. That terrifying moment when she'd feel her own severed head falling to the floor and coming to rest just in time to watched her own blood spraying across the ancient throne room as the knees of her now lifeless body buckled and her headless corpse collapsed sideways to the floor.

Even knowing that she could never fulfill her darkest desires in the real world Nikki found herself lost in the intense and unadulterated hedonistic pleasures of that orgasmic and obscenely bloody fantasy moment. And in that moment, Nikki found herself willing to trade anything if she only could live to experience all her most darkly masochistic fantasies. It was in that brief, almost timeless, moment that Nikki suddenly felt a cold chill envelope her, but it wasn't until she suddenly realized she couldn't uncross her wrists that she opened her eyes.

Nikki almost fainted the moment she opened her eyes and discovered the impossible. Her darkest nightmarish fantasy had suddenly become a real and horrifying reality. That she was actually on her knees, with her wrists bound tightly behind her back, in that ancient throne room with the executioner poised to brutally behead her at the sight of her first tear.

Suddenly Nikki heard the sound of a woman's voice. Turning her head, Nikki saw a tall, beautiful woman sitting upon the room's raised throne. The woman's flaming red hair only highlighted the tight ominous looking black leather she wore. And Nikki could almost swear that the woman's eye's seemed to glow like red hot coals as she spoke.

The woman was speaking in a language Nikki had never heard before, and yet, somehow, she could clearly understand what the woman was saying, "Nikki, I am Ereshkigal, the ancient Sumerian goddess of death. I've summoned you to my domain, the Mesopotamian Underworld, to offer you the opportunity to spend eternity in my service as one of my pleasure slaves. And should you willingly accept, you will spend eternity trapped in an endless cycle of libertine excess, days of the unimagined pleasures, nights of unrelenting agonizing torture and death, all for the sadistic amusement of me, your goddess."

Nikki struggled to accept what was happening. More than anything she longed to accept Ereshkigal's offer of eternal servitude but the sight of that incredibly sharp looking sword poised above her terrified her. She was about to refuse Ereshkigal's offer when suddenly she felt a calming warmth spreading throughout her nude exposed form. Nikki realized this was her chance to actually live her fantasies, to make her obscenely brutal dreams into reality.

Even the dead couldn't have missed the sound of excitement in Nikki's voice as she turned to Ereshkigal and said, "Goddess, I accept your kind offer and willingly accept eternal servitude as one of you willing pleasure slaves."

Bowing her head to once again expose the back of her slender neck for the executioner's sword, Nikki could feel tears of heartfelt gratitude already welling up within her eyes. For Nikki, it seemed to take an eternity before that first tear finally started trickling down her cheek. And for Nikki, the full and torturously deadly implications of Ereshkigal's offer were just beginning to sink in as Ereshkigal's husband Nergal brought his sword's razor sharp blade down on the back of her exposed neck. That, and actually having her head cut off for real, hurt far worse then Nikki ever imagined it would.