Glancing up at the rows of razor sharp spikes poised to impale her helplessly bound body Becky felt herself trembling with that deliciously dark mixture of terror and excitement that she'd long come to expect as one of the death goddess Ereshkigal's willing pleasure slaves.

One of Ereshkigal's twentieth century acquisitions, Becky had been a secretary working at one of California's defense contractor in the early 70's. Enthralled by those campy 60's horror movies she'd watched as a teenager Becky secretly fantasized of being one of those doomed horror movie heroines. To be helplessly imprisoned in some darkly medieval dungeon torture chamber, a beautiful young woman, fated to endure a lingering, terrifyingly torturous demise.

Then, on one dark and stormy night, the ghostly envoys of the death goddess had come to her and offered Becky her chance to spend all of eternity living out her secret fantasies. Realizing this was her only chance, and regardless of the obscenely brutal nature of the bargain, Becky submitted without hesitation to the death goddess Ereshkigal's brutal rule.

Long accustomed to the torturous delights of the Mesopotamian Underworld's dungeon torture chambers, Becky secretly enjoyed the cruel attentions of Ereshkigal's hideous troll guards. Tonight they'd dragged her into this darkened torture chamber and shackled her wrists and ankles before lighting the single candle that now illuminated the torture chamber's perilous delights.

Unable to escape her fiendishly obscene fate Becky could only watch in mounting erotic terror as the rope started to smolder in the heat of the candle's flame. That first exhilarating tendril of smoke rising into the cool dungeon air as the rope at long last began to burn through. That darkly overwhelming certainty that within mere minutes she would be dying upon the brutal spikes poised to swing down upon her.

Watching as the candle's flame burned through the rope's final strands, Becky had just one fleeting thought in the final seconds before the brutally sharp spikes slammed into her flesh, "Thank you goddess."