The cool metal pressing against the bare skin of her back sent a delightful shiver of darkly masochistic anticipation coursing through Melinda's nude exposed body as she helplessly watched the goddess Ereshkigal start to close the spike lined door of the iron sarcophagus.

An all to willing victim, Melinda had already surrendered to the sensations swirling through her submissive mind. The incredible feel of the unyielding walls of the sarcophagus pressing against her shoulders and hips, the taunt tightness of the inescapable leather straps that bound her wrists and ankles, even the discomfort caused by the oversized ball gag strapped deep within her mouth, all combined to heighten her desperate need to suffer and die in unbearable agony merely for the amusement of Ereshkigal, the Mesopotamian goddess of death.

Staring in to her victim's lovely blue eyes, Ereshkigal could taste the darkly libertine mix of emotions coursing through Melinda's mind, as her victim's terror and sexual longing grew with each passing second. But as much as the goddess of death relished the hedonistic intensity of Melinda's heightened emotional state, they both understood this was merely foreplay.

A willing pleasure slave, Melinda served the goddess of death who ruled the Mesopotamian underworld, a world within which even Melinda's brutally masochistic desires could be satisfied. Having willingly entered the Mesopotamian underworld and openly embraced this world's eternal cycle of indescribable pleasure and agonizing death, Melinda truly longed for the cruel and agonizing death she was about to endure for the pleasure of the goddess Ereshkigal.

In the final instant before the razor sharp spikes sank into the smooth white flesh of Melinda's sexy body, Ereshkigal could see the desperate longing in her lovely slave's eyes. Moments later as the first high-pitched scream of almost unimaginable anguish escaped Melinda's ball gag filled mouth, the goddess of death pushed the heavy door of the sarcophagus closed, driving the rows of sharp spikes deep into the mutilated and slowly dying body of the pleasure slave pinned against the back of it's claustrophobic confines.

Already enjoying the pure indescribable taste of Melinda's agonizing torment, Ereshkigal smiled as she thought about Melinda's unquenchable need to endure painful agonizing torture and death. A sudden and delightfully sadistic thought crossed Ereshkigal's mind as she heard another brief cry of agonizing torment escape Melinda's tightly gagged mouth. In two or three days, once Melinda finally dies on the spikes, I'll reanimate her and put her right back into the sarcophagus. The look in Melinda's eyes the second time should be even more delightful than it was the first.