All thoughts of her own rapidly approaching orgasm instantly vanished from Vicki's mind the moment she felt the rhythm of Nergal's thrusts quicken.

Earlier that evening two of the underworld's executioners escorted Vicki to this torture chamber deep beneath the palace of the goddess. Lifting her from the floor they locked her wrists into the overhead restraints and left Vicki dangling from her wrists alone in the darkness. It wasn't until several hours later that the goddess Ereshkigal's husband Nergal, the ancient Sumerian god of war and pestilences, entered the dimly lit chamber.

Watching as Nergal walked toward her, Vicki wasn't sure which made her already considerable feelings of helpless vulnerability increase more, the incredible sharp looking knife Nergal held in his hand or the sight of his already erect and inhumanly massive cock.

Now, hours later, as she sensed Nergal's rapidly approaching climax, Vicki instinctively clenched her legs tighter around his lean muscular waist. Despite or perhaps even more darkly masochistic, Vicki understood that Nergal intended to butcher her the moment he came. But the knowledge of her impending death did little to deter Vicki's desperate desire to do everything possible to maximize Nergal's pleasure, even with the cold sharp point of his knife already pressing against her side.

Suddenly Vicki's head came back in a silent scream of unimaginable agony. Even though he'd been fucking her for hours, until that moment Vicki hadn't realized that Nergal had been holding himself back. Only now, as his own orgasm arrived did Nergal finally allow himself the pleasure of taking Vicki to the fullest.

Vicki felt Nergal's free arm tighten around her slender waist just as he started the next thrust of his inhumanly large cock. Vicki desperately struggled to scream as she felt the torn remains of her cervix fail as Nergal's long massive cock pushed upward into her lower abdominal cavity as he came. But just a wet gurgling sound escaped her lips. The blade of Nergal's razor sharp knife was already fatally deep within her heart.