Standing alone in one of the Underworld’s countless dungeon torture chambers Gretchen feels her heartbeat quicken at the thought of the long and torturously brutal hours that lie ahead. No stranger to the dark delights of the Mesopotamian Underworld dungeons Gretchen knows that soon Ereshkigal or one of her legion of sadistic executioners will arrive and commence the night’s torturous amusements.

It may be hard for many of you to accept but like all of Ereshkigal’s pleasure slaves I’m here of my own free will, I willingly accepted Ereshkigal’s Faustian bargain, eternal life, eternal beauty, days filled with erotic bliss for all eternity, the price, an eternity of nights amusing Ereshkigal by enduring brutally torturous agonies in her Underworld dungeon torture chambers.

Once, long ago, I lived a life of elegant indulgent excess. A beautiful and renowned cabaret singer in prewar Berlin I was also the mistress of a high ranking Gestapo general. Accepted into the inner circle of the Nazi party’s leadership I’d attended dozens of official state functions and spent more than a few weekends as Hitler’s mountain retreat at Berchtesgaden, I’d even had lunch with Eva Braun. Perhaps it was inevitable that my lover would awaken my long suppressed masochistic nature. No stranger to the erotic delights of the bedroom it wasn’t until he introduced me to the darker, more terrifyingly perilous delights of the dungeon that my life changed forever.

Even now, countless centuries of willing submission later, Gretchen still has fond memories of that first week spent at Heinrich’s ancestral castle high in the Bavarian mountains and perhaps more importantly the nights spent in the castle’s dungeon. Gretchen can still remember that first night, the unrelenting and painful torment of the rack, the obscenely agonizing caress of the whip, the unexpected awakening of her darkest, most erotically submissive masochistic desires. And yet, Gretchen secretly found herself fantasizing about her submissive nature, to take her newly awakened masochistic desires to the ultimate level, to willingly be tortured to death merely for the sadistic amusement of her lover. It was then that Gretchen finally came to the attention of one of Ereshkigal’s dark emissaries and as Gretchen’s learned, in the dungeons of the Mesopotamian Underworld, the rest is really just about the screams...