Bound helplessly, Kate watched in horrified fascination as the razor sharp spikes gradually slid toward her vulnerable bosom. Assuming the spikes continued their agonizingly slow approach Kate estimated she had about 15 minutes to live, with the last 5 minutes promising to be truly unpleasant.

Going in Kate knew that this assignment would be dangerous. She was going undercover to break up a group of white slavers that had managed to elude Interpol for more then two decades. But, not even Kate was ready for the horror she'd discover.

Renting a modest flat in the infamous Whitechapel district of London, she'd taken to frequenting some of the local S&M nightclubs where several women had disappeared over the last few years. Coming home, after another fruitless night of fending off the usual perverts, all she wanted was a hot shower and a nice glass of wine. That wasn't what she discovered when she unlocked her door.

Opening the door Kate found a ghostly specter floating in the middle of her small apartment. Impressed by the quality of the projected holographic image Kate spent several fruitless moments trying to spot the image's hidden projectors before its ghostly image began to speak.

"Kate, the goddess Ereshkigal has sent me to seek you out. The goddess finds your darkly masochistic spirit enticing and wishes to make you an offer. Willingly embrace your darkest, most masochistically terrifying fantasies and become one of her pleasure slaves and the goddess will grant you eternal youth and beauty."

Pausing to drop the keys into my purse I casually brushed my fingertips across inside of my left wrist to reassure myself that the subdermal implanted tracking device was activated I smiled as I replied, "Sounds like fun, I accept." I was still thinking about the expressions that would be on those white slaver's faces when the signal from my hidden tracking device led an MI-6 sweeper team to their hideout, that is, the look of surprise they'd have until they died. I never expected the room to suddenly begin to fade away as I passed out.

I'm still unsure of how I came to be in my current predicament. One moment I was standing in my London flat, the next I found myself as you see me now. And perhaps the one thing more terrifying then the spikes before me was the woman I saw standing there patiently waiting for me to awake. She was utterly beautiful and yet, utterly terrifying. Tall and perfectly proportioned, her body ominously concealed within a skin tight black leather cat suit and leather harness, her impossibly long legs sheathed in tight fitting thigh high black leather boots. The pale white skin of her beautiful face framed by her long red hair, her lips the color of freshly spilled blood, the terrifying gleam of her fangs as she smiled in utter delight, the ominously reddish glow of her eyes as she finally spoke.

"I am Ereshkigal, the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian goddess of death and the ruler of the Mesopotamian Underworld. By accepting my invitation to become one of my willing pleasure slaves, I will grant you eternal youth and beauty in exchange for your utter and total devotion. So, for all eternity, I will fill your days with unimagined sexual bliss. But, the price for your eternity of pleasure will be paid down here in the dungeon torture chambers of the Mesopotamian Underworld, where you will spend your nights enduring unimaginable agonies merely for my fiendish amusement."

I stared into her glowing eyes in disbelief as she continued, "Kate, I know this is a shock and not what you'd expected when you took your last assignment, but then again, few are truly prepared for the brutal reality of the Mesopotamian Underworld." Ereshkigal smiled as she concluded, "Tonight, I've granted you a somewhat painless death, so enjoy. I promise you that tomorrow night you will not be so lucky."

As I hung there painfully bound and utterly vulnerable to slowly approaching spikes, I thought of the countless times I'd been at the mercy of fiendishly clever criminal masterminds. Of all the diabolical torturous deaths I'd escaped just in the nick of time, and all the nights I'd wished that at least one of those "supposed" criminal masterminds had turned out to be just a bit more clever then I'd expected.

As for Ereshkigal's promise of a "somewhat painless death" let's just say that I'm already dreading the full brutality awaiting me within the dungeon torture chambers of the Mesopotamian Underworld. Those slowly advancing spikes were pure torture as they brutally skewered my breasts and continued into my abdomen and thighs. It wasn't until the razor sharp tips of those came out my back that they finally stopped.

Still, I lasted almost an hour upon those agonizing spikes before I finally died.

As for tomorrow night, I can hardly wait...