Hearing Nergal's footsteps behind her, Heidi struggled not to grin. Hours earlier, as they spent the afternoon together in her bed, he'd taunted her with how he would end her day. He'd described to Heidi, in great detail, the deadly ancient barbarian's axe that he was going to use to kill her. The only question that, he couldn't quite decide between using the row of cruel hooked barbs that ran up the back of the axes spine to rip her belly open, spilling her guts to the torture chamber's floor. Or should he use the axe's broad razor sharp blade to cut her clean in half, severing Heidi's beautiful body at her slender waist.

Laying on her back, bound tautly spread-eagle beneath the god Nergal, the co-ruler of the Mesopotamian underworld, Heidi was lost in hedonistic delight. Well on her way to her tenth orgasm of the afternoon, Heidi marveled at her good fortune. Already well on her way to becoming a hardcore masochist, she'd accepted Ereshkigal and Nergal bargain without a moment's hesitation.

To Heidi, the line between pleasure and pain wasn't merely blurred but damn well didn't exist. Anyway, why should she care if Ereshkigal and Nergal actually killed her during their nightly torture and mutilation sessions, before she'd come to the underworld her fat pig of a husband had come close to killing her in their basement dungeon more than once. Even though it was consensual, if the prick hadn't been such a high ranking member of the Nazi party, the doctors would have informed the police about the extent of her injuries on more than one occasion.

A sharp cry of unbridled pleasure escaped Heidi's lips as she climaxed. Even as her orgasm peaked she could already feel the first twinges of her next orgasm starting deep within her belly as Nergal's tongue once again found her nipples.

Heidi understood, to the deepest depths of her soul, that she'd gladly spend the rest of eternity as a willingly pleasure slave to the death goddess Ereshkigal. That only here in the Mesopotamian underworld, a place she never suspected to exist, that she had truly found her rightful place in the universe. As for her abusive fat pig of a husband, a devote follower of the Fuehrer, he'd ended up going to the gallows at Nuremberg for his war crimes, over 60 years ago.

Even as she felt her next orgasm starting to peak, Heidi marveled at Nergal's endurance. How could any women pass this up? It didn't matter how masochistic you were, even if you didn't enjoy the never ending cycle of agonizing death and resurrection the way she did, it was a cheap price to pay for eternal youth and beauty. Not the mention to the opportunity to be ravaged so thoroughly by the gods on a daily bases.

Turning her head Heidi seductively whispered in Nergal's ear, "Why not use that razor sharp axe of yours to cut me clean in half at the waist." Smiling coyly Heidi continued, "Hanging from my wrists I'd have what, 30 or 40 seconds before I lose consciousness? If you're quick, I might even last long enough to watch you have me, or at least the lower half of me, one last time."