For once Ereshkigal's troll guards surprised Virginia. Rather then leading her down the long steps that lead toward the dark depths of the Mesopotamian Underworld's dungeons. A dark foreboding place where she'd spent every terrifying night for the last thousand years. A place where for all those unimaginable nights she'd endured the brutal and ultimately deadly sexual attentions of the Minotaur.

Instead this night, the troll guards led her upward toward one of the tall ancient towers of Ereshkigal's fortress-like palace. Despite the traitorous hindrance of her high heels Virginia still managed to steal quick glances out the tower windows as the cruel troll guards dragged her along the corridor. And despite the window's thick glass panes she imagined she could still catch a faint odor of burning sulfur and brimstone from the endless clouds of swirling smoke that obscured plains far below.

Reaching their destination the guards locked Virginia's wrists into the overhead shackles and locked her ankles obscenely far apart. As the final troll guard strapped the oversized ball gag deep within her mouth he leaned close and whispered something in her ear that sent a deadly chill of foreboding coursing through Virginia's helplessly exposed body, "Prepare yourself to experience a new level of agonizing torment, the death goddess will be with you shortly."

Only a few short minutes later Virginia heard Ereshkigal approaching, the distinct click of razor sharp steel-tipped high heels echoing off the ancient stone floor as the death goddess approached. Virginia felt her heart pounding within her bosom as dark masochistic thoughts of what lay ahead raced through her terrified mind.

And while Virginia felt her terror growing steadily with the sound of each approaching step, she also found herself rapidly growing aroused at the thought of the long hours of agonizing torment that lay ahead. For Virginia, the though of willingly enduring slow and unspeakably torturous death merely for the sadistic amusement of the death goddess, was truly a willing pleasure slave's ultimate masochistic aphrodisiac.