The steady trickle of fluid fills the back of my throat forcing me to swallow the bitter tasting solution. And with every revolting mouthful I can feel my already distended belly swelling, the painful burning sensation in my guts becoming more intense as the diabolically poisonous mixture is slowly absorbed into my bloodstream to spread outward into the rest of my body.

The death goddess Ereshkigal smiled in sadistic delight as she watched Aiko, one of her most valued pleasure slaves, enduring another long night of agonizing torture and death merely for Ereshkigal’s personal amusement. Once, a highly sought after Oiron, the ghostly emissaries of the death goddess recruited Aiko from the Shimabara pleasure quarter of Kyoto in seventeenth century Japan. A skilled consort already known for her submissively masochistic nature, Aiko was renowned for her erotically death defying kabuku performances. Even knowing the bargain's obscenely high price, or perhaps because of it, Aiko’s willingly accepted Ereshkigal's offer of eternal youth and beauty, an eternity of unimagined pleasures merely by becoming one of Ereshkigal's willing pleasure slaves.

Struggling to take shallow breaths between desperate swallows of the repulsive fluid filling my throat I could feel the presence of the death goddess within my mind as she basked in my terror and fear, taking her sadistic pleasure in the agonizing pain already coursing through my brutally tormented body. And yet, we both understood that this torturous night was far from over and the worst suffering still lay ahead.

Sensing Aiko’s masochistic thoughts Ereshkigal smiled as she glanced up at the large fluid filled glass container as darkly amusing thoughts suddenly flooded Aiko’s mind, “Yes my lovely Aiko, it’s truly going to be a long and exquisitely painful night before you once again expire for my amusement.”

Staring up at the container’s remaining fluid a cold sense of horrifying foreboding passed through Aiko’s mind as she started to fully comprehend the diabolical nature of her fate. Her belly already painfully distended and yet she’d only managed to swallow less than a third of the container’s revolting contents. She’d no choice but to swallow at least another four gallons of nauseating poison laced fluid in the hours to come but with her bladder and rectum plugged there simply wasn’t enough space in her digestive track to hold all that liquid.

Relishing the exquisite taste of Aiko’s suddenly heightened terror Ereshkigal sadistically added, “And you should know Aiko that the agonizing poison spreading through your tormented body isn’t intended to take your life but only to heighten you suffering as you die. And it’s not the poison that’s causing that painful burning sensation in your guts, it’s the small amount of highly corrosive acid I added to mixture you’re swallowing. Long before you manage to drain that container of its fluid the acid will burn through the walls of your stomach and intestines allowing it to gradually seep into your abdominal cavity.”

The red glow of Ereshkigal’s demonic eyes grew brighter as she smiled at the thought of the long torturously painful hours that lay ahead for her pretty little pleasure slave, “As the hours pass your belly with swell until your abdominal muscles reach their limit, than with each new swallow the pressure against your diaphragm will slowly increase making it harder and harder to breathe until you finally suffocate.”

Long hours later with the final trickle of fluid from the now empty container pooling in the back of her throat, Aiko found herself too exhausted to swallow. Not that there was any point in swallowing, it had been at least two minutes since she’d last managed even the shallowest of breaths. Her lungs burned from lack of oxygen as she felt herself becoming more lightheaded with each passing moment. Then, as the darkness finally claimed her, her last memory of that night was of the sound of Ereshkigal’s laughter...