The pain is fierce and unrelenting. That dull throbbing ache that starts at the base of my spine and grows into mind searing agony as it reaches the tautly stretched muscles of my shoulders. That all too familiar and intensely erotic strain on my diaphragm that turns every single breath into an intimately desperate struggle for survival.

It had been long torturous hours since one of Ereshkigal's executioners had first stretched Gabrielle upon the rack. Brutally efficient and totally lacking mercy the executioner laughed at Gabrielle's screams as he carefully tightened the rack, gradually stretching his victim, until every muscle in her body grew agonizingly taunt. Only then, just a few notches short of dislocating the woman's shoulders, did the executioner finally relent.

Gabrielle hung exhausted upon the rack. The long hours of agonizing torment having gradually taken their fiendish toll on the young pleasure slave's brutalized body.

A soft, distinctly feminine cry of pain escaped Gabrielle's lips, "Ahh..."

The long exhausting hours of unrelenting agony had finally brought Gabrielle to the edge of the abyss, that inevitable moment that every sadist lives for, the moment when the pain finally begins to overwhelm even the most experienced masochist's ability to derive pleasure from her suffering.

Gabrielle found herself surrendering to the pain, thoughts of masochistic pleasure gradually giving way until nothing remained but the pain, inescapable, unrelenting pain.

Somewhere in the palace, high above the Mesopotamian Underworld's dungeon torture chambers, a darkly ominous smile of sadistic amusement slowly appeared on the death goddess Ereshkigal's face as she thought, "Finally, the lovely pleasure slave Gabrielle is once again ready to provide me with some amusement."

Stepping down from her raised throne, the death goddess walked out into the palace courtyard and signaled to the patiently waiting executioners. At Ereshkigal's signal, each executioner knelt behind his victim and grasped her bound ankles. Then as one, they each raised their victim's ankles up and back. High pitched screams of terror echoed off the courtyards ancient stone walls as ten thousand of Ereshkigal's willing pleasure slaves, beautiful young women having already spent long torturous hours impaled up to their navels on thick steel impalement shafts, suddenly found them selves sliding helplessly downward to die on their knees.

Awash in an emotional ocean of torment, Ereshkigal started toward the stairway that led downward into the Underworld's dungeon torture chambers where Gabrielle already awaited her fiendishly sadistic mistress's painfully cruel attentions.