Melinda felt a delightfully chilling sense of terror pass through her at the sight of that deadly razor sharp knife in Nergal's hand. Already sitting upon the smooth raised surface of an ancient sacrificial altar Melinda could feel her heartbeat quicken as she slowly arched her back and parted her thighs suggestively.

Once, long ago, Melinda would have feared that horrible approaching blade, the unspeakable terror that would have gripped her soul at the thought of that knife's cold sharp blade sinking into the depths of her obscenely violated belly. But now, after centuries spent in the service of the death goddess Ereshkigal, Melinda found it easy to surrender to her darkly masochistic desires.

Once she had been a middle-aged college history professor, her submissive and darkly masochistic desires long suppressed and carefully hidden from the world. Then, approached one dark and rainy night by the envoys of the death goddess, Melinda had gladly accepted their offer. Melinda found herself spirited away and taken to the Mesopotamian Underworld, there to spend all eternity as one of Ereshkigal's willing pleasure slaves.

With her youth restored and now more beautiful then she'd ever imagined possible, Melinda willingly embraced the darkest aspects of her long suppressed desires. Accepting the underworld's endless libertine cycle of pleasure and pain, Melinda at long last found her true place in the universe.

Now, as she found herself sitting upon the cool stone surface of this ancient sacrificial altar, Melinda found herself smiling at the hedonistic nature of her new existence. Of the erotic mix of pleasure and of pain that lay ahead, both in this night and for all eternity.