The executioner watched the look of terror blossoming in his victim's lovely eyes as he carefully turned the garrote's wheel another quarter turn tighter. That sudden look of utter desperation that appeared on the woman's beautiful face as the garrote's leather strap tightened to slowly constrict her throat until she found herself unable to breathe. That inevitable moment when she finally surrendered to the overwhelming terror coursing through her helpless young body, the utterly delightful way as she fought her futile battle to escape the chair's inescapable restraints, the enticingly seductive sway of her full breasts as she desperately fought to draw life sustaining oxygen into her burning lungs. Then, that inevitable moment she felt death approaching, that moment when her desperate struggles slowly subsided and her lovely eyes began to lose their focus. Only then, with death mere heartbeats away, did the executioner relent and loosen the garrote just far enough to allow fresh air to flow back into the woman's oxygen starved lungs.

Even as she found herself once again struggling to catch her breath, Lisa had to admit this executioner really knew how to show one of Ereshkigal's masochistic pleasure slaves a good time. They'd been going at it for hours. He'd repeatedly tighten the garrote just tight enough to stop her breathing but never quiet tight enough to inflict lethal damage. Then he'd patiently watch as the garrote did its brutal work of slowly strangling her. Waiting until she was on the verge of losing consciousness he'd release just enough pressure to allow her to catch her breath before once again drawing the garrote tight.

Her mind already awash with delightfully masochistic thoughts of pleasure and pain, Lisa opened her mouth in a silent scream of erotic desperation as she felt the garrote once again tighten around her neck. The pain and terror was already beyond exquisite but Lisa could already see that things were about to get worse, much worse.

And, Lisa's last coherent thought as she helplessly watched the glowing red hot tip of that iron descend toward her crotch, "I was right, he really does know how to show a pleasure slave a good time."