The woman's high-pitched scream of agony brought an evil smile of anticipation to the Prince's face as his executioner brutally tightened the rack yet another notch. He knew what the rapid, shallow, and almost animalistic panting sounds emanating from the pain twisted lips of the woman stretched upon the rack foretold, soon this impossibly beautiful but naively foolish young woman will find her well-deserved death...

A vacationing tourist from a distant land, the Lady Chrystal Jade could never have realized the horrifying consequences of her untimely refusal of Prince John's attentions. Later that evening, Lady Chrystal awoke to discover herself naked, her wrists locked in manacles high above her head and worst of all her ankles locked in manacles that held her legs spread obscenely wide. She was still struggling to come to terms with her perilous condition when someone she recognized walked into the room.

Prince John paused to admire Lady Chrystal significant beauty before turning to his waiting executioner, "This one has offended us greatly and we wish her suffering to be without hope of mercy or respite." Smiling down upon the beautiful young woman already shackled helplessly upon the rack the prince smiled darkly as he continued, "I wish to be here for her final moments. However, I need to be back in London on Monday morning, so plan accordingly."

After the prince left his executioner reached down and painfully grasped a handful of Lady Chrystal's long dark hair as he brutally twisted her head until their eyes met, "Lady Chrystal as I'm sure you overheard the Prince order your death and as per his instructions your demise will not come quickly or easily. I can promise you that long before you die you will come to wish you'd accepted the Prince's offer. In fact, long before your end I fully expect you'll beg to become his personal whore. But, of course, it's already far too late for that..."