Lady Claire spare me your lies, did you actually believe that, even as the King's mistress, your treachery would remain unnoticed by the all seeing eyes of Cardinal Richelieu? Three night's ago you were seen in the company of a known spy, who after meeting with you traveled to the channel where he boarded a ship for England.

Make no mistake you will pay for your treason with your life, but before your execution Cardinal Richelieu wishes to know what information you've revealed to the enemies of France. And before you refuse to answer you should know that the Cardinal has authorized me to use every means at my disposal to compel your cooperation.

We both know, that in the end, you're going to tell me everything anyway so why not spare yourself all this unnecessary unpleasantness and simply tell me what Cardinal Richelieu wishes to know. Cooperate willingly and when the time comes for your execution your clothes will be returned and I'll insure that headsman gives you a quick death. Resist and I promise you'll suffer a slow agonizing death on the city gallows and you'll have no need of clothing.

Now, I may be an uncivilized Moorish torturer but I'm willing to give you some time to make your decision, you have until the irons finish heating in the brazier to decide, then I will compel you to answer the Cardinal's questions my way.