“Don’t look so shocked Marie. With the King and the Prince gone on crusade it’s been to quiet here at the royal dungeon, no inconvenient lovers to dispose of, not traitors or spies to interrogate, not even a heretic or witch to force a confession from. Still, as the Royal executioner I must remain ready to faithfully carry out my duties on a moment’s notice and that takes considerable practice.”

Seeing the growing look of horror in his victim’s lovely eyes as he carefully filled the tray between her straining thighs with glowing hot coals, “You wouldn’t want me to disappoint the King the next time he wants me to slowly torture his latest lover to death or have a traitor die before revealing all that they knew would you?”

Selecting a glowing iron from the fire the executioner smiled at the look of horrified disbelief on his victims face, “Oh, and the guards who abducted you did so merely because you were pretty and convenient, so don’t feel an overpowering need to confess anything tonight. Tonight is all about the art of inflicting pain, and assuming that you survive the night, in the morning I’ll dispose of you by locking you in the Iron Maiden to die.”