Lady Kristine watched in exhausted relief as the Lord Inquisitor finished recording the intimate details of her confession. Although innocent, in the end she'd willingly confessed to heresy, confessed to witchcraft, confessed that she had sex with the Devil, and even confessed to using witchcraft to influence her standing with the royal court. In the end she'd have confessed to anything the Lord Inquisitor asked, merely in the hope of ending the long days of unrelenting torture she'd already endured at the hands of the Inquisitor's torturer.

Finished entering Lady Kristine's confession in his holy journal, the Lord Inquisitor arose from his desk and stood admiring Lady Kristine's lovely nude form as he waited for the torturer to join him.

Still resting upon dungeon's fiendish slow impaler, Lady Kristine had little choice but to listen to her tormentors as they casually discussed her fate.

Turning to the torturer the Lord Inquisitor smiled and said, "I'm sure you will be richly rewarded by the holy mother church for you're efforts in extracting this heretic's long overdue confession. As you know the health of the Grand Inquisitor Torquemada has recently taken a turn for the worst and he desires a summer home nearer to the coast. Someplace outside the bustle and heat of Madrid but close enough to the city to oversee the day to day operations of the Inquisition."

Lady Kristine could clearly see the look of dark amusement in the Lord Inquisitor's eyes as he continued, "Now that we finally have her confession, the Inquisition, in the name of holy mother church, will take possession of Lady Kristine's considerable estates, including her beautiful seaside villa with one of the best vineyards in Spain, a lovely place that will surely catch the eye of the Grand Inquisitor himself. Trust me when I say, we will all profit from this heretic's timely confession."

Lady Kristine felt a sudden chill of dark foreboding as she listened to the Lord Inquisitor continue, "Please insure that Lady Kristine's dress fully conceals the injuries inflicted during her questioning. I see no need for the peasants to begin questioning the Inquisition's methods when she's taken out and burned at the stake tomorrow morning."